How to be happy in life?

The hope to get relationship issues resolved leads to an amazing life!

Resolving relationship issues is what makes a better life.

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Couples Problems


There is no way spouses won’t hurt each other’s feelings, resolving relationship issues as early as possible help keep a healthy marriage for couples.

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Parent-Child Issues

Parent and child relationship is a very strong bond, but can easily be negatively influenced. Are you bothered or worried about relationship issues as a parent or child?

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Commitment Issues

No relationship will survive a mile without commitment. Commitment to your relationship can be a serious relationship issues

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Family Issues


Sometimes we can not just run away from family issues, even if we try to avoid them. It is always frustrating when family issues become a major problem.

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How I can help you be happier

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“Problem shared is half solved” Let have a private talk about your relationship issues.

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You should find space to read one of my e-books published on how to restore relationship issues.

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Invite me around, I will be right there at the appointed time to discuss and share some tips with you on how to solve relationship issues.

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An amazing relationship leads to a happy life.

Relationship Shield

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About me

I am Shield, a certified philosopher

With over 6 years experience in relationship matters really does not make me a professional, but my philosophical knowledge on ethical and moral conduct, logical reasoning has given me a vast experience on how to restore relationship issues.

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Happy Clients

Having a better relationship with smiles on lovers faces is my major priority. I can only make this happen due to your support. Thank you.


I find nothing wrong in keeping to myself, despite facing a lot in my relationship. Thanks for the enlightenment, if not, I might still be struggling with my relationship fears.

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Aada Laine

It is my joy to find this blog, I was lost in my relationship for many months, I could not find a solution  until I came across ‘relationship shield ‘. Thank you for coming to my aid when I needed you the most.

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Caitlynn Potts

Actually, I can’t say much, all I can say is thank you for your endless support in terms of resolving our relationship issues.  Though I thought it was the end of my relationship, you gave us something meaningful to hold on to. We are grateful.

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Alisa Hester

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