Is it Normal for my Girlfriend to Hit Me? How to Deal with Her

The act of beating or hitting an opposite sex is called domestic violence or harassment. However, little is said about a girlfriend hitting their boyfriend, because some people feel it is natural and a woman’s nature to act that way, so I kept wondering to myself, is it normal for my girlfriend to hit me.

Is it normal for my girlfriend to hit me

When a man beats a woman, it is called domestic violence, when a man hits a woman, it is likely to be called harassment. But little is said when your girlfriend hits you.

There are agreeably different approaches to how to justify the situation on the thought of if it is normal for my girlfriend to hit me and if not normal, what can you do about it as a guy.

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First, we must understand that society places more threats, priority and emphasis on domestic violence, commonly used when a man beats his girlfriend or wife.

However, it is also called domestic violence when a woman beats a man but the society has made things look like men are strong and superior when it comes to beating, yet they fight for gender equality when it is of benefit .

Men are masculine, which means they are in every way stronger than women both emotionally, mentally and physically.

The society has made it that men are believed to be adaptive, assault accommodating, vulnerable and also have the ability to absolve absolutely and almost everything that a lady does.

That means, you as a man should and should not react violently to any threats, treatment or negative energy a lady throws at you as a man.

Not that you should not react at all but it should have gotten you to the point of death before you can react as self defense and if you react at the wrong time, your reaction to the threat is tagged as domestic violence.

On the other hand, when a woman hits you, it can simply be called harassment but when it gets to the point of beating you to the point at which you are at the verge of death, then it would be labeled as domestic violence.

The Difference in your Girlfriend Beating and Hitting You

There is a big difference between your girlfriend beating you and or hitting you. It is wise if you do not react to her actions if you do not know the difference. If you retaliate, you are likely to be the offender and not the offended.

Why Is Not Normal for Your Girlfriend To Hit You

Your girlfriend yelling at you, beating you and using force on you in an argument, becomes a threat to your life. When you see her using force on you, picking up dangerous objects to hit you, such as knives, bottles, iron, wood and other dangerous things, this is called domestic violence.

But when she simply hit you on your chest, slapped you, without any dangerous objects but her hands, in a light argument, this is not an offense, it is normal for her to hit you.

Reason Why Your Girlfriend Hits You

From the previous explanation, there is a big difference between your girlfriend hitting you and she beating you.

Women are weak and when they are angered, they find a way to express their feelings of being hurt, this can trigger her reacting by hitting you several times while crying and feeling sad.

This is simply an expression of their feelings, it is then your responsibility as a boyfriend to gently calm her down, pamper her and let her know how deeply sorry you are with a calm and soft voice.

If she is temperamental, it is best to know how to handle a temperamental partner. One of the best ways to avoid her is to quickly but stylishly work out of the house, until she is calm.

Is it normal for my girlfriend to hit me?

If you keep wondering, is it normal for my girlfriend to hit me. Then you should know by now that it is normal for one reason, because she is feminine, they are emotionally, mentally and physically weak to absolve or control their reactions.

It is not normal for your girlfriend to hit you if she is aggressive and temperamental, it could turn into domestic violence, it is normal for your girlfriend to hit you if she is otherwise.

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