How to Stop My Husband Yelling at Me

There are many unforeseen common worries in marriage that I have personally come across couples worry about, one of them is the wife complaining and asking why my husband yells at me.

My husband yells at me

The frustration in marriage at times can sometimes makes a person thinks why am I in this relationship in the first place, why can’t I foresee this issues early in courtship before marriage.

One thing couples ignore or pay less attention to, is the part to blend to and accommodate changes in marriage.

It should be known by now that change is constant, everything in this life is subjected to change, as this applies to you and I.

However, it is always a tragedic situation when couples sees their partners behaviors suddenly change without warning.

That being said, the question remains how to stop your husband yelling at you. Keep in mind that there are situations, actions and circumstances to why your husband yells at you. It could be an emotional disorderliness, stress, anxiety or due to your own improper conduct and approach to situations.

Why My Husband Yells at Me

To solve the problem of your husband shouting at you, there is need to know why your husband yells at you in the first place.

This might be an action that he just developed, or a recurrent action that you have been experience before marriage, but now you find it difficult to handle.

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If it is an occurring or persisting action that you have tried to contain while in courtship but has grown stronger beyond your control, it is could be very diverstating to cope with a yelling husband because your effort seem like it does not count or not productive.

On the other hand, if it is an action that has just develop to become a thing of concern, which you have tried to handle but it is out of your power, then there is need to fix the issue to why your husband yells at you.

How to Control My Husband Yelling at Me

1. Find the cause: For every effect there is always a cause, do not ignore this fact. Make sure you get to the root of why your husband is yelling at you, this will give you an insight of where and how to fix the problem.

It might be that you are doing something offensive that you may be ignorant of, or perhaps it may be that he has changed towards you because you never adjust to some certain things he wants you to pay attention to but you have been overlooking or taking for granted.

2. Keep silent: When he start yelling at you, it is best to keep silent or keep a deaf hears so as to ignore more contradiction and controversy. Do not interfere when he yells, keep quiet or ignore him. The more you keep silent and or ignore him, the best or likely he will stop yelling at you.

3. Examine yourself: Sometimes, the fault may not be from your husband but from you, this you may not pay attention to because you think you have no fault to why he should be shouting at you.

However, sometimes one need to examine and reexamine themselves to know if they are at fault, or perhaps there could be something they may be doing wrong that is not appealing or pleasant to the other person.

4. Pretend not to be affected: To stop your husband from yelling at you, it is important to know that one need to be a sheep and the other a goat to keep a healthy relationship.

You do not have to reply when your husband yells at you. To prevent such argument or misunderstanding is to pretend not to be affected by is harsh treatment, you need to stay calm, retirelating or countering what he says could ignite more problems.

5. Understand his dislike: It could be that you are unknowingly stepping on your husband toes by simply not understanding is wants or not paying attention to what gives him positive vibes, it may also be that you are lagging behind in terms of attention or attraction, it may also be cleanliness or some other facts you consider not serious. There are tendencies that you do not understand or pay attention to his dislikes which may have triggered him to yell at you.

6. Be slow to response: Pay more attention to his words and be slow to response, without this, it could quickly trigger anger in a man. It is important to be reserve and slow to take action as this can calm a man nerves down.

7. Learn to quickly apologize: It is important to know that sorry solves a lot of things when there is an issue in a relationship. Learn to quickly apologize be he raise his voice on you. Be slow to anger as a woman and also be tolerant if your husband is temperamental and does not know how to handle or control himself.

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