9 Black Couple Goals Ideas for Healthy Relationship

The term black couple goals are shared common interest that is mainly indigenous for black couples.

The term couple goal refers to considerable planning, thoughts and desirable ideas as husband and wife. Couple goals are marriage partnership, a serious communicational understanding and agreement of shared common interest.

Black couple goals ideas

However, couple goals are general communication, a mutual agreement in marriage. These are ideas that are planned ahead in marriage, things couples plan to achieve when spending the rest of their lives together.

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The word black couple goals isn’t a biased word, but are sensitive and needful plans to set as couples. The reason why couple goals are important especially for black people is because there are alot to consider when planning to have a healthy marriage.

Despite the adaptation and colonization of white among the black people, there is an heritage that can not be mixed, we should understand that the lifestyle of the white is far different from black people.

Blacks might have adopted the western education and religion and some part of her culture, but the fact still remains unchanged and unsettling as black will always be black and white as white, this is why general couple goals are more likely to take a different shape when it comes to black couples.

In a relationship, there are things couples will generally come into agreement on and there are other things that will never come easy to settle or agree upon, this is because relationship or love affair is a combination or collaboration of two different people from different background, culture and belief system coming together to become husband and wife when married.

These differences alone can be catastrophic and disastrous if not well managed. This is why in-depth communication is crucial in a relationship in terms of setting couple goals, and more in depth knowledge is needed when setting black couple goals because of the large diversity in tradition, ethics, culture and thought belief system.

Important Black Couple Goals to Set

1. Individual differences: Generally couples overseas believe in equality in marriage, only a few could agree in caring for higher responsibility as a woman based on the fact that perhaps the woman may be making more income or wages than the husband.

This at one point could make the man take less responsibility or still share equal responsibility depending on the couple goals they set and agreed upon.

However, black people’s belief system is quite different as black couple goals of individual differences need to be well structured, understood and agreed upon before they tie the nut.

As a black person, it is believed that man carries most of the responsibilities in marriage, while women take care of the home. There has to be a solid agreement if this has to change or even if there would be a slight change so it does not cause issues while in marriage.

2. Equality and gender barrier: The majority of white couples believed in equality, in which women fight for the same rights as men in marriage and society at large.

This is obviously the kind of tradition some black couples are adopting but unfortunately not working for many. Equality and gender barriers need to be tackled as one of the important black couple goals to be addressed before marriage.

3. Traditional marriage rites: Marriage dues in marriage are significant rites to address as a black couple goal. Before progressing into marriage, each individual needs to understand each person’s traditional demands for marriage.

There are some blacks who accept as low as 1 dollar for marriage dowry while some could go as far as paying over a thousand dollars.

There are also some families who do family rituals for the good and success of the marriage, this may even go on after marriages, so you must prepare your mind to do these things. The question remain, will you be able to manage your marriage financially after paying this large amount of bills.

4. Birth control: The rate at which people give birth is alarming and a thing of concern as the poverty rate increases. As a black couple, goals should be set around the number of children you do like to have and how well can you carteer for their needs.

Do not hope miracles will come from somewhere or the mindset that their children’s destiny will come to your aid in terms of need as so many people believe. Do well to encourage birth control and also keep in mind the side effects before trying any.

5. Financial Management Goals: Couples need to plan ahead of their game, marriage is a long term investment that needs a lot of financial capacity and the capability to manage the resources at a person’s disposal. Understanding financial management in marriage is one of the main things that keeps marriage on its toes.

6. Vision Compatibility: If your spouse or partner does not see your dreams or vision as you picture it, if your partner isn’t after the success of your goal, then it is not worth venturing into such a relationship.

Black couple goals should be visionary and compatible, it shouldn’t be one sided. There is a greater risk of losing your vision and dreams if one is married to someone whose dreams does not inspires you.

7. Environmental wellbeing: Before getting married, it is important to pick a conducive environment that can both influence you positively, both spiritually, physically, mentally and business wise.

The environment your children grow up in matters a lot when bringing them up. You might say you will have time to monitor them but could be otherwise.

8. Plan for vacations: Learn to go on vacation, keep it in your schedule to take each other out on a night date after marriage, do things that will surprise your spouse and also encourage your spouse to do them.

8. Respect and tolerance: To keep a healthy relationship in marriage, both partners need to be able to respect and tolerate each other’s differences. If you are one who can not respect or tolerate someone, it is best to set it as one of the black couple goals to keep a healthy relationship.

9. Making time for each other: Many people think it is when they are in courtship they tend to make time the most for their partner, they believe since they will be seeing each other everyday in marriage then there is really no need to make time for each other, this is false, do not accept this.

The best time to make time for your partner is in marriage because this time, there will be a lot of ups and downs. You might think you are making time for each other but in the end you’d find the marriage broken.

These black couple goals are extremely important to manage properly in the quest of achieving a well structured, healthy and successful relationship in marriage as black people.

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