wyd Meaning in Chat and Text

Wyd are most likely to appear in conversation such as in text or chat, most especially among people who are in an affair. then you keep wondering what could be wyd meaning. Wyd simply means ‘what are you doing’ or ‘what(‘re) you doing’ while re remains silent.

wyd meaning: W stands for what, Y stands for you and D stands for doing. While the are (‘re) remains silent, in a chat or text

What wyd Means

The word wyd means “what are you doing”. It simply means the user wants to know what you are doing at the moment.

Wyd what are you doing, also mean what(‘re) you doing, where the (‘re) is silent. It still means the same thing as what are you doing, just that the (re) is silent when spelt.

When a person types the word wyd in a conversation you should know the user wants to know what you are currently doing as to know how they can compose themselves.

The reason why people ask wyd is literally because they care to know your current activities as to know how convenient it is for you to have a conversation with you.

While some others only ask wyd to get your attention, perhaps you are not giving them more attention as needed, they are indirectly trying to know what is diverting your attention away from the conversation.

Some others literally ask for fun, just to show they care about you.

In some cases, two people might be short of conversation after having a long chat, so they ask the question wyd meaning what are you doing, with the mindset that the things you are engaged with could trigger more conversation.

Wyd is Asked in a New Relationship

However, a nervous person will always ask what you are doing at all times, most especially when they are out of questions to ask when starting a conversation in a new relationship.

The process might seem so tough that they would not know where to begin the conversation and to ask you of what you are doing just to get a glimpse of how the conversation could begin.

The word wyd that means ‘what are you doing’ could sound very annoying at times or even most times if asked too often. It’s a sign of a nervous person. Wyd would as well ruin a relationship when it’s asked too often.

Wyd in an Insecure Relationships

An insecure partner is likely to frequently ask you wdy because they want to know what you are doing, simply because they feel insecure and lack trust. However, this may not directly be their fault but a reflection of what they have passed through from their previous relationship. Perhaps, they were heavily jilted.

This makes them feel insecure and also have trust issues that they may not know how to overcome this toxic experience but rather mount the pressure on you.

Some people ask wdy in a conversation either through text or chat just because they find it easy, simple and fast to type, because it simply a quick way to bypass the long meaning ‘what are you doing or what(‘re) you doing.

wdy meaning

Wdy meaning is generalized and shortened, wyd simply means ‘what are you doing’ or ‘what(‘re) you doing’ in chat and text.

W stands for what, Y stands for you and D stands for doing. While the are (‘re) remains silent.

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