Relationship Mood – The Good, Bad and the Ugly Experience

Relationship Mood

In a relationship, much is given, less is expected. The problem is people expect too much but then end up with the good, bad and ugly relationship mood.

Relationship is all about sacrifice from not just one person but from both lovers. Take note of this, if your partner intentionally isn’t giving much sacrifice as you have then there could be a problem.

In a relationship, much is given, less is expected. The problem is people expect too much but then end up with the good, bad and ugly relationship mood.

On the same note, giving too much could make you a victim of a love scam. Because it makes your partner either feeling irritated or trigger your partner to take advantage of your generosity.

However, been good and making sacrifices is good when you know your partner lacks in some critical aspects, this build the relationship and makes things get stronger.

At one point, relationships can go smoothly, lovely and seem endless but at other times things can as well take a dramatic turn.

This makes relationships unpredictable, combined with its pros and cons, relationship mood is always ever changing.

From past experiences, many people who find peace at one point of their life could experience a hazardous, tedious relationship at another point.

That is why it is best to know that being in a good relationship at a particular time in our life does not mean that everything will always look rosy.

Also, it is safe to say that it is highly unlikely that a good relationship will have a finite end, or would end well. However, that does not mean there are relationships who started well and then still ended well.

Yes there are, but it does at some point will not happen without a fight. Keep in mind that every good stage in life awaits bad times patiently.

It is now up to the victim to know how to handle the relationship mood when things seem to face the ground.

Here is a list of common relationship moods that may be experienced

1. Happiness mood: This is a relationship mood that everyone craves for. When things are going well, it is natural for people to experience happiness in a relationship, it’s common to feel happy and content.

2. Mood swings: It happens at times when one suddenly feels sad due to so many different reasons. It might be as a result of past experiences, or recent or recurring events, this can increase the chances of bad relationship mood even in romantic affairs.

3. In love: Being in love is a relationship mood, the feeling that possesses strong emotion. The feeling of being in love is often considered intense and overwhelming, such that it is qualified and characterized as feelings of happiness and excitement.

4. Amorous: Amorous are a relationship mood, a feeling that shows and posses a strong desire for physical intimacy and affection.

5. Passionate mood: Passionate feelings are intense and often involve strong emotional and physical attraction.

6. Angry mood: It is a normal relationship mood that is inevitable when having love affair. To feel angry or upset at times in any relationship is normal, but it’s more important to know how to keep a healthy relationship when issues arise.

7. Frustration mood: Frustration is likely to happen when problems or issues in a relationship are not being resolved on time.

8. Disappointment mood: Disappointment is a relationship mood that has a very high tendency to happen because people expect too much of what they have offered. It is important to understand that to have a healthy relationship, ‘more should be given, little should be expected.

9. Insecure mood: Feeling insecure in a relationship can be as a result of lack of trust or a feeling of being undervalued, overvalued or neglected.

10. Temperamental mood: This is a relationship mood that is experienced when someone can not control their emotions, especially the negative emotion. This at the end triggers a bad vibe or mood. It is important to know how to avoid and handle a temperamental partner as to prevent ruining your relationship.

11. Jealous mood: insecurity and trust issues are one of the major causes of jealousy. It is a feeling that may arise when a partner notices a threat to the relationship, such as when a partner shows interest in someone else.

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