Fling Relationship: Why Fling is & not Healthy

What is a fling relationship?

A fling means having an entertaining, good time with wild experience but for a short period with someone. Fling relationship simply means having wild, short but good sexual relationship affairs with someone for a short period of time.

Fling relationship: Is fling relationship healthy

A fling is more or less like a normal or serious relationship but never fruitful.

Fling relationship is designed not to last, it is always short and unpredictable, though, it is entertaining with good vibes, but always untimely.

Most times, sexual relationships catch up on you when you are least aware. Even some people those who plan for a sexual relationship get heartbroken.

Is fling health?

Though, a fling relationship is healthy for those who are fully aware of the conditions attached that a relationship such that it is a fling does not last and can easily be broken.

There are some who get lucky to have a sexual but short relationship that leads to a serious relationship that could and have led to marriage. They were just lucky, they both understood how to manage each other.

Fing is healthy when there is a solid understanding between you and your freaky partner.

You can come to the conclusion that a sexual relationship is healthy, if and only if both parties are willing to agree and to meet up with the conditions.

Without a solid understanding of what you are to expect in a fling, you can be caught unawares, which the consequence could result in heartbreak, emotional damage, disappointment, shock and other unpleasant feelings.

You and the other person who wants to get involved in a sexual relationship should know exactly what you want and must be aware that no matter how interesting, engaging, overwhelming, and loving the relationship could be, it will never last forever and it can break at any time.

Conditions in Healthy Fling Relationship

  • No serious feeling attached
  • Meant for people with dead emotions
  • Fling is always short and untimely
  • Fling relationship is strictly by agreement
  • Sexual but short relationship is meant for benefit
  • Fling is for passing away time
  • Do fling when you are a flirt

These conditions are to be met when starting a fling . A sexual short relationship is only healthy when these conditions are met. Anything aside, this can damage you.

But first, you should know that when fling relationship rules are crucial to manage a healthy one.

1. No serious feelings attached: Fling relationship is for no serious feeling people. These people are just interested in instant pleasure, occurring or present moment. The feeling is short and unpredictable.

2. Fling relationship is for people with dead emotions: You must be aware that people with completely dead emotions are people who can successfully have a healthy lover affair. They are not ready for serious emotional or mental feelings. They are only after instant pleasure or sexual life.

3. Fling is always short and untimely: You have to decide if you are going to spend your time in a healthy lover affairwhich is short and untimely but memorable in terms of enjoyment or you’d spend your time in a serious healthy relationship that has a purpose, a vision and goal.

4. Fling relationship is strictly by agreement: If you want a healthy love affair, then you should be aware that such relationship should be strictly by agreement. Anything that makes you not come into reality with each other will leave one of you with a broken heart.

5. Fling relationship is meant for benefit: There is nothing called sacrifice or risking your life or anything related when in a fling.

6. The objective of a fling is benefit. In a relationship like fling, both persons have to benefit immensely from the other within a short period of time.

The benefit might be sex in exchange for money or vice versa. It could also be spending time together just to while away time, negative thoughts or spending time with someone after a toxic relationship or life threatening experiences.

7. Fling is for passing away time: Most people in fling do so just to pass away time for the time being as to recover from either social, mental, physical or emotional damage. At this time, you worry less about your problems, this makes a lover affair healthy.

8. Do fling when you are a flirt: Fling relationship works for flirts. People who easily get attracted to the opposite gender. People who have no taste and never wanted a serious relationship.

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