21 Questions for a New Relationship You Must Ask

Feeling positive vibes and excitement in your new relationship does not mean you have finally found your dwelling place of comfort, only after asking the most sensitive must ask 21 questions for a new relationship then, you can feel a sign of relief.

Your partner must be able to answer these questions sincerely before moving on with the relationship. Any act of feeling inconvenience or discomfort should be a sign of a red flag.

21 Questions for a New Relationship
“If you are not part of the plan, you are not welcome”.

Both of you must take the time to ask yourselves these questions to know your stand, it will also quickly determine how far you can go by understanding both your strengths and weakness and if truly you are meant for eachother.

In this situation, you and your lover should be prepared to face the fact if you want a meaningful relationship. If all these conditions are not meant, all you will get is pretence and deceit.

Why Feeling Go Wrong In a New Relationship 

So many new relationships have already failed from the start simply because partners fear or are ignorant to ask some sensitive questions. To avoid being a victim you should be confident enough to ask these 21 questions for a new relationship to enhance your feeling.

Almost every new relationship always looks promising at the very start, because you are always in the position to experience some new positive vibes which you have lost in your past relationship. 

However, this does not mean that a bad start of a relationship can also not look promising in the long run, in fact many of these bad start relationships are those who become promising at the end.

However keep in mind that asking these 21 questions for a new relationship could either strengthen or ruin your relationship. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of you and your partner to know if you can easily digest the answer after these questions  have been asked.

You and your lover should also keep in mind these specific 21 questions for a new relationship as one of you can easily freak out, develop sudden mood swings, feel insecure and start experiencing trust issues. 

Also keep in mind that true are bitter, but it has to be said early enough to know where you are both heading. Remember the wise once said, ‘ The more you know the more you get hurt, the more you understand the more you suffer’.

Fear Of Questioning a new Relationship 

Finding true love is hard these days as most people are full of deceits and lies. However many relationships fail from the beginning due to anxiety, the lack and fear to ask questions. 

Many people are too sensitive and protective of their relationship to not let it fail, knowing clearly that when they ask some particular questions it can reveal some toxic experience that could break the relationship, especially when one of the partners isn’t strong hearted or quickly feels insecure.

21 questions for a new relationship you must ask your partner

There are crucial and important things a relationship needs that you need to know right now such as knowing your level of compatibility, relationship values, how to be responsible, need for privacy among others. 

However, knowing these things which are healthy for your relationship, the fact still remains that if you want a meaningful, productive and successful relationship you must ask these 21 questions for a new relationship. You must have sense signs of positivity in a relationship the first few days you engage in one.

1. Handling pressure: This is one of the most compulsory questions to ask before you begin with 21 other questions for a new relationship which can be a little bit sensitive and chocky.

It is important to know at an early stage if the person who claims to love you can actually handle pressure or get easily freaked out.  This will determine if you will continue with the conversation or not.

Can he or she act normal under extreme pressure? How long can you hold on to tackle life or relationship challenges if any arises.

2. Level of temperament: Getting to know your partner’s temperament isn’t a crime. This will determine if both of you will always have issues in the long run or even at the very start.

For example, two hot tempered people can never get well in a relationship. Two persons who suddenly experience mood swings or anger can never get along.

3. Addictiveness: One of the 21 questions for a new relationship lovers fail to ask. Sometimes addiction can be a benefit to a long lasting relationship and it can be a disaster as well if one is more addictive than the other.

For example, dating a drunkard while you are not addicted to drinking or you don’t drink at all can be an advantage for you to change or stop your partner from drinking.

But, let’s say both of you are addicted to drinking, smoking or addicted to social media or any bad behaviour, it is clearly a red flag for your relationship. You can never have enough time for yourself because you are enticed by other things rather than addicted to each other.

4. Blood group and genotype: A futuristic relationship that wants to lead to marriage will surely ask one of these questions for a new relationship which is to know your partner’s blood group and genotype. 

You don’t want to lose your relationship at the last hour of marriage, when you do not have time or power to change your fate, rather than accept a breakup as the best option for your children’s sake.

Asking your partner of their blood group and genotype is one of the most sensitive 21 questions for a new relationship that a lover should ask.

5. Raising a family: Any partner who has no intention of starting a family with you in the nearest future while you want a family should be avoided at an early stage. “If you are not part of the plan, you are not welcome”. Avoid this kind of person. In no condition or situation should you not ask your  is their take in raising a family. Let raising a family be among the 21 questions for a new relationship you should ask your partner.

6. Income & Financial Stability: Asking these questions for a new relationship might make you look like you are a gold digger but a matured and understanding person will know that sustaining a relationship needs finance. Asking about your partner’s income or source of income can build trust and also give you an understanding on how you both can work together to make more money to better your relationship. 

7. Team work: Most successful people in the world have someone who got their back in time of depression or when things aren’t going well as planned. Asking the question of teamwork will determine if you will eventually be left alone to face your problems in the relationship or your partner will work hand in hand together with you as a team in the long run.

8. Family background: Ask to know more about your partner’s family background, get to know their origin and challenges that are trending in the family, this will determine if you can cope with your new love. Remember family is who you love and not your partner alone. A weak and problematic family can affect your own new relationship, sadly the effect may not surface now but in the nearest future. 

If you are a lady, know if your partner is dependent on his family or he is being controlled by his parents. Such a man can not be as responsible as you want, he will take his parents’ words seriously before yours, which can easily ruin your relationship.

9. Insurance: Discuss about insurance, how do you manage or survive during the tough and rough time. The type of insurance could be medical insurance, life insurance and other insurance that can help. Talk about how both of you will plan in terms of a stormy moment when things might not really go well. Insurance is one of the serious questions for a new relationship you must ask your partner as to prepare ahead of time.

10. Relationship Goals: Ask your partner if there are goals they wish to set and about those they have achieved. These goals should have a positive effect on the relationship as it affects the individual. It could be daily goals, monthly or yearly goals, personal or business goals.

11. Level of equality: This can differ from one person to another, while some persons believe in gender equality as to take equal responsibility in a relationship, some other persons believe the men should take most of the responsibilities, while others might argue that men should take all the responsibilities, especially in financial aspect. The level of equality should be questioned to be discussed clearly to avoid misunderstanding as the relationship grows.

12. Discuss about flirting: It is important to ask if your partner is flirting. This will help to know where you stand. Either you are the side chick or the main chick. There is a lot to know about a partner who flirts. Take note of these things to escape emotional damage and time wastage.

15. Sexual life: So many lovers jump into serious relationship without asking about their partner sexual life and urge. While they are very shy to ask, forgetting that asking this question is one of the most important 21 questions for a new relationship you must ask your partner. It is better at early stage to know if your partner is a sex addict and know if you can cope or not.

16. Dislike and Likes: Actually this is a general and one of the most common questions asked at the start of a new relationship. However it is still very important to ask so as not to step on each other’s toes.

17. Personal traits: This question has to do with personal lifestyle, such as honesty, loyalty, security, truthfulness, faithfulness, compassion, discipline among other things.

18. Seeking for happiness: Where does your partner seek happiness? This is a very important question to ask. Don’t be surprised by the response or answer you get might shock you.

19. Definition of fulfilment: Ask what is fulfilment to your partner, when can your partner say he is fulfilled in life. What are the things he can call achievement?

20. What attracts your partner: Knowing your partner’s taste in terms of attractiveness is one major way to stay relevant in your relationship, attraction has a lot to do in a relationship and how it shields feelings.

21. How you can both improve: The goal of a relationship is for both partners to grow together both physically, mentally, financial and socially.  Both of you should be able to share ideas on how to improve, as growth is part of one of 21 questions for a new relationship lover must ask.

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