What Does Cheating Say About a Person Character and Personality

Many people feels cheating as something pleasant and fun, while others give reasons why they are conditioned to cheat. What does cheating say about a person?

From the beginning of mankind, every single individual has some weakness which is emotionally incontrolable, this weakness is selfishness. As Thomas Hobbes stated in the Leviathan (1651). “Man is not naturally good, He claimed, but naturally a selfish hedonist “of the voluntary acts of every man, the object is some good to himself”.

What Does Cheating Says About a Person

This selfishness is what has led humans to cheating. Humans are not satisfied and always want almost everything to themselves. As infinite beauty is out of human control, so has cheating.

We can say this is so beautiful or conclude it is the most beautiful thing that ever existed, it will not come as a surprise that we can see something else and say this is more beautiful than what we first admire.

This is how the human mind is programmed, and it is so hard to get over this human nature as Hobbes call a selfish state.

This then leads to the question what does cheating say about a person.

What Is Cheating In a Relationship

First, let go deeper into what cheating is? Cheating is a lack of self contentment, satisfaction, infinite desire and want for something that is not ours.

It can also mean going beyond boundaries for sexual, pleasure and desire as a result of lust.

Cheating is secretly having a love affair or extra marital affair outside of a relationship.

Why People Cheat

Aside from the fact that humans are by nature selfish, and that there is no infinite beauty or satisfaction in the world. The taste for something new is always a hunger that drives man into cheating as I have explained earlier.

There are many other known reasons why people cheat.

1. Selfishness: Since humans are selfish in nature, we are always wanting for more, the desire for more pleasure and trying something new and acquiring something different from what was once a perfect choice is one human problem that has led many people into cheating.

2. Lust: This is a strong sexual desire that drives people into cheating. That urge for sex to that person they are attrated too will never stop until they get to the bottom line. Lust is a natural but wrong mindset that has ruined so many relationships and marriages.

3. Lack of Contentment: Since humans aren’t satisfied due to selfishness, lack of contentment, a state of happiness and satisfaction is limitless. This is why people go far as cheating to subdue their sexual drive.

4. High sex drive: Not everyone has a very strong sex drive, but for some who has this has difficulties getting over cheating, as they are born with high libido which increase sex drive. The fault start showing up when they have a partner with low sex drive, this has led many people to cheating.

What Does Cheating Say About a Person?

Being a cheat says a lot about a person’s personality. Cheating makes people call you smart but insecure, also has a tanish personality. At the same time, being irresponsible, it makes people label you as a sinner, not God fearing, unclean and immoral.

Due to the society we live in and the level of illiteracy and lack of knowledge in understanding human nature as Thomas Hobbes stated that humans are selfish by nature.

This simply means it is by nature that humans cheat and it is not completely a self made action.

According to Plato’s theory of perfection. Theory of Forms states perfection only lives in the realm of thought according to 123helpme, and Socrates’ definition of beauty.

How To Stop Cheating

As you now know that cheating is as a result of selfishness which is part of human nature to alway desire for more, and that beauty and taste is endless or limitless.

If you are victim of being cheated on in marriage or relationship, there are 11 Ways To Handle Cheating Husband Without a Fight

It can be deduced that cheating is a thing of the mind. To stop cheating involves and requires self discipline, and being satisfied with your partner.

You can also find some help on How To Handle a Cheating Wife Without a Divorce

So as to avoid the question to ask yourself of what cheating says about a person, is to stop being a cheating partner.

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