Why Partners Lament Therapist Ruined My Relationship

Claiming therapist ruined my relationship is a self defense against ignorance.

There are many reasons a relationship can be ruined with and without a therapist getting involved in a relationship.

Therapist Ruined My Relationship

Partners Responsibilities In Solving Relationship Issues

To avoid lamenting the therapist ruined my relationship in the long run, partners need to understand that relationship issues majorly need to be resolved between themselves.

Involving third parties into relationship issues can quickly and sometimes slowly make a relationship disastrous.

In some cases therapists are the best options to fix relationship issues and also make a relationship healthier, but when depending or putting so much on a therapist for advice and counselling, one can end up lamenting that the therapist ruined my relationship.

Who is a therapist?

Therapist majorly refers to a professional psychologist who is trained to provide treatment and rehabilitation. Therapists often include other professional skills who provide a vast range of services, including relationship counselor, social workers, counselors, life coaches, among others.

Can Therapist Ruin My Relationship

Many people see therapists as gods of psychology, mental and physical divinity that knows all things related to them but that is not true.

Giving all hope to a therapist can easily turn a relationship into complete failure.

Therapist ruin my relationship, is a common word people who are not confident or independent enough use as a defence against relationship failure.

Should You Depend Solely On a Therapist

At first seeking advice from a therapist is not bad as such, but completely dependent on a therapist to guide you all through your relationship journey without studying for yourself, or doing research and not knowing how to manage your relationship can easily ruin your relationship..

Aside from blaming therapist for ruining your relationship, you have to blame yourself for not being confident and competent enough to manage your relationship.

Why Therapist Ruin Your Relationship

Stop complaining therapists ruined my relationship when you do not take the adequate responsibility and measures on your relationship.

1. Lack of indepence: The statement, ‘therapist ruined my relationship’ can be altered when either one of the partners in a relationship fail to be independent. This does not apply to one party, it applies to both the Male and female in a relationship. Partners should be able to stay independently and stop involving third parties into their affairs. It weakens and reduces relationship values. This is why it is not healthy for in-laws to get involved in marriage. Any slight opening in relationship issues can get exposed and escalated. Stop letting people put words into your mouth, be confident to resolve your relationship issues amicably among yourselves without involving third parties.

2. Lack of decision making: Partners alter the word ‘therapist ruined my relationship’ simply because they lack decision making. Many people can not make decisions for themselves without seeing a therapist or adviser to intervene in their affairs. You can not have a healthy relationship when you lack the ability to make decisions. Some people even go out as far as seeking friends and parental advice before they can make a decision. Do not get me wrong, I do not say seeking advice is a bad idea but that shouldn’t be where you should always seek advice from.

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3. Indiscipline: A well disciplined relationship will always be well structured and will fail to struggle but rather flourish, when partners are disciplined on what and what they want and do not want, neither one of them will at one point in time regret saying ‘therapist ruined my relationship’. A therapist will never come close to your relationship to ruin it if you are disciplined.

4. Inability to think for yourself: It is fine if you can not think for yourself, it is worse when two partners are in a relationship while lacking the ability to think for themselves. Both or one of the partners will regret that the therapist ruined my relationship if neither one or both partners fail to think for themselves but rather prefer taking their matters to a therapist.

5. Putting blame on others: seeing fault in your partner and not yourself will eventually ruin a relationship. If you are someone who puts blame on others and then comes to the conclusion that the therapist ruined my relationship, you are only self defending yourself blindly because no one ruined your relationship other than your ignorance.

6. Failure to take responsibilities: Many partners do not know what their responsibilities are in a relationship, most especially bachelors and spinsters in courtship. Lack of knowledge of what individual responsibilities are can greatly ruin a relationship even without therapist activities.

7. Making a therapist your god: As stated from the beginning of this post, the reason why you lament ‘therapist ruin my relationship’ is simply because you make your therapist more like a god who knows things and can read your mind or your relationship, which is not so. The shocking truth is that, partners have tended to know more than a professional therapist when they put heads together to solve a problem.

Though, visiting a therapist is good but, a therapist does not know what exactly is going on in your relationship or what is going on inside you or your partners nor can they read your feelings or emotions 100 percent, most of the therapy is just guess work and physiological application. When you and your partner put heads together you can get a much satisfying result and a better result which helps avoid further lamenting that the therapist ruin my relationship.

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