10 Better Respond When Someone Treats You Badly in a Relationship

At any time, you can be treated unfairly by someone you love so dearly. How you respond when someone treats you badly in a relationship is what defines the true meaning of love.

Infact, it is those who we love the most treats us badly. Ours is to know how to keep the relationship together even when it hurts us.

When Someone Treats You Badly in a Relationship, Don't Treat Them Badly Either

For you to ask the question of how to respond when someone treats you badly in a relationship means you value the relationship but do not know what step to take.

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It shows you are responsible and really want a positive change or might be that you want revenge.

Anyone can treat you badly, this is a fact you have to painfully accept but very awkward when someone treats you badly in a relationship.

Sacrifice To Make When Someone Treats You Badly

You can be good to the person you love, you can make sacrifices, create time and even put your life at stake for the person you love but does that mean someone will not treat you badly in a relationship? Absolutely not, since humans are not perfect, mistakes are bound to be made, unconsciously or intentionally.

Yours is to know how to respond when someone treats you badly in a relationship.

To love someone so dearly is to sacrifice emotions, feeling and love, but only few people know these things.

Especially fling, these people or kind of relationships have no promising future, their intentions are bad and there is a high tendency you get the biggest share of the bad treatment.

Many people don’t know what fling means, and others who do, many not know how to avoid it.

Let me breakdown what fling means to you in a sentence.

‘When you call it love, fling calls it cruise, when you call it relationship, fling calls it fun’.

The truth is that you can not avoid fling without understanding the intentions of the person you are in love with at the earliest stage of a relationship.

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At the start of a relationship, you can quickly determine is a relationship is heading somewhere good.

Many people are blindfolded by love, while the other partner is after lust, only to take advantage of you, waste your time, toy with your emotions, kill your feelings and make you feel true love is not real.

To love is to take responsibilities, to carefully examine that whom you are in love with early enough, this is for no other reason than to detect early if the relationship will be fruitful or fruitless.

People are always lazy to pay attention to a toxic relationship at the start of a relationship. It is when they enter into each other, so deep, that they start to realize they have made mistakes.

This mistake, you can simply avoid at the early state if you are smart to know when someone treats you badly in a relationship.

How To Respond When Someone Treats You Badly In a Relationship

This smart response when someone treat you badly in a relationship should not in anyway harm nor break your relationship but rather help you resolve your relationship issues.

Here is how to respond when someone treat you badly in a relationship.

1. Don’t treat them badly either: It is not necessary or wise of you to pay evil with evil, it means you do not value the relationship or you have made up your mind to lose that someone you love.

Respond by not treating them badly either when someone treat you badly in a relationship.

Though sometimes paying violence with violence can provide good results but it would not work when you love someone. It is best to respond when someone treat you badly in a relationship with a smarter approach.

Don’t treat them badly, instead look for a solution to keep your relationship, one of the most common ways to be treated badly when your partner cheats on you, there is a clear response to when you are being cheated on. This guide help both Male and female parties in a relationship.

2. Determine relationship value: If it is worth taking a bad turn, try considering your relationship value before taking that drastic decision. Estimate your relationship values, if you have felt more happier than being treated badly, then find means to resolve your relationship issues in time.

3. Don’t respond while angry: Try by all means not to take action while you are still angry or at the very position or time at which the incident takes place. Exercise patience, let your mind settle a bit, it gives you room to think before you take action.

4. Find your evidence: having enough evidence of being treated badly by your partner can easily make your partner change and become a better person. Some people do not know they are heartless, wicked or they treats you badly until you prove it to them with concrete facts and evidence of their violence.

5. Make bold confrontation: After you might have had or find good evidence, it is your right to confront them boldly by doing this, you are making it clear you have a say, a stand and a right in the relationship.

6. Give a little more patience: After you might have gotten enough evidence of someone treating you badly, and you have confronted them of their action, after they have realised these things, give them a little more time if they can change

7. Make peace: As I have said earlier, you can not make something good out of violence, after you might have followed the above how to respond when someone treat you badly in a relationship, you will notice that making peace is the motto of what is preached.

8. Question your partner: Find room to make peace, sit your partner down to know where exactly the fault is coming from, ask him the question of why you have been treated so badly, ask your partner why you are still in the relationship so as to determine your faith.

9. Speak out: If after all these smart moves on how to respond when someone treats you badly in a relationship and you notice nothing changes, it is best to speak out and seek professional advice from relationship counsellor on what to do next. If you don’t have one you can easily contact us and book a one-on-one section with us and we will be glad to resolve your relationship issue.

10. Avoid further worse treatment: If you find no improvement, after seeking professional advice and following how to respond when someone treats you badly in a relationship, it is better for safety reasons to take a break as to avoid further bad treatment which can be worse and could be life threatening.

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