How To Deal With a Break Up Immediately

Anybody can get heartbroken, even the mighty falls. How to deal with a break up by avoiding repeated mistakes is what matters most when passing through this hard times.

However, preventing break up from happening seems likely impossible, especially to those who do not take how to start a relationship seriously.

How To Deal With a Break Up

Lovers should keep in mind that every relationship has the tendency to break, but the rate at which a relationship will break depends individually and solely on both partners actions.

To deal with a breakup is like being trapped at the centre of an ocean, someone who just experienced a heart break will surely be confused on how to deal with a break up.

What triggers A Break Up

Personally, I have in countless times told many persons to always at the early stage scale their relationship before starting up one.

But due to anxiety, anxiousness to start a relationship never makes most people be in their common sense when they are in love.

And if you stand up to correct them, by putting them on the right track they still fall back to their vomit, due to lack of ignorance and the vibes they get from a relationship they are about to start.

If you don’t know, a relationship isn’t just about having fun or having a good time, it is a process of learning.

This stage of your life when you start a relationship is the foundation to emotional breakthrough or emotional disaster.

That your relationship goes smoothly does not mean issues will not arise, and that you are facing relationship issues does not mean it will break up.

How To Prepare For A Break Up

All that matters is the mindset you carry. If you hope for a perfect relationship you might never know how to deal with a break up, as you are never prepared for what is to come.

But when you keep in mind that no relationship is perfect and can be broken, it keeps your mind alert to keep in track of anything that could influence your relationship into breaking up.

All I am saying is that, the success to avoid break up is slim in this very world we are in today.

Even if you are doing it right, is your partner helping matters? Or probably you are the one mixing things up by not becoming the right partner for the one you choose to love.

If you can keep in mind these things, knowing how to deal with break ups will be easier.

How To Deal With A Break Up

Break up yourself while you make your ex feel intimidated. Here are other ways on how to deal with a break up, avoid dwelling in your past.

1. Break up yourself: Simply by breaking up yourself, you can deal with a break up. You can control the level at which the break up gets into you and the intensity when you come to the conclusion that the relationship is bullshit and you don’t give a fuvk about it. If you fail to come to this conclusion you can not let go or deal with a break up.

To deal with a break up, you have to keep in mind that anything that is futuristic and good does not in one time becomes bad all of a sudden, and since it has happened, it means every good thing in that relationship was actually bad or not meant for your life.

2. Don’t hope for reconciliation: If you feel or keep hoping that your partner will reconcile, or that your relationship could come back, then you are not ready to deal with a break up. When you find yourself in a broken relationship, don’t hope for amendment or reconciliation.

3. Avoid dwelling in your past: When you are served a broken heart, just move on and stop complaining, don’t dwell on what good you have done to the relationship. It will only keep killing your emotions and keep draining you mentally.

4. Forgive yourself: Nobody is perfect, so you need to forgive yourself of the mistakes you feel you might have done, and also forgive your ex’s mistakes. Just feel no one is perfect, as your ex may feel what he or she does is the right thing. Forgive yourself and move on.

5. Stop blaming yourself: To deal with a break up is to stop blaming yourself for the mistakes you should have avoided. Actually, everyone is always blind when in love, literally almost everyone doesn’t see the reality coming, they just act upon their instincts, which you might have done too. Stop blaming yourself or your partner, the best thing to do to deal with a break up is to move on with life.

6. Give your ex a break: If your ex says they want you no more. Don’t force it on them, rather give them a break than struggling for a comeback. When you keep begging or hoping for a call back, it makes you an option and not a priority in a relationship. Avoid being an option to deal with a break up.

7. Don’t delete ex contact: many people after a break up immediately delete their ex number or contact just because they are hurt or feel they can forget them. You can’t forget something simply by deleting a contact, the memory is still there. To best deal with a break up is to avoid emotional distraction and not by deleting contacts.

8. Don’t be the victim: when you experience a break up, you become a victim. You feel depressed and emotionally stressed while your ex is somewhere enjoying their lives to the fullest. This makes you the victim, however, to deal with a break up is to avoid being the victim by acting like nothing ever happened. Be happy at all times to make your ex feel intimidated.

9. Focus more on yourself: Now that there is a break up. It is high time to focus more on yourself. This is the right time to see what you are blind or ignorant of while dating. Give yourself a time frame to improve on yourself in terms of acquiring new knowledge, learn new skills, character and attitude. Doing this will deal with a break up and also help you while away time while you keep improving on yourself.

10. Avoid staying alone: Never stay alone when you are heartbroken. Learn to stay around people who can give you the right vibes and positive energy, mindset and good reason to move on with life.

11. Hang out with good friends: another alternative on how to deal with a break up is to hang out with good friends who can motivate you and make you forget about your sorrows. Friends have a good role to play in our lives in times of distress, hang out with the good ones to deal with a break up.

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