How Guys Distance Themselves After Intimacy Of A Sudden

It is in a men’s DNA, guys distance themselves after intimacy. The ratio of getting close to you becomes slimmer the moment they get into a lady.

Why do guys distance themselves after intimacy

These kinds of guys aren’t after intimacy, they distance themselves after sleeping with you.

This guys are naturally not after intimacy from the onset, they are after sex and the moment they achieve this aim, they distance themselves afterwards.

Actually, not all guys distance themselves after intimacy, the good ones stay by you even after sleeping with you.

The bad guys distance themselves after intimacy after sleeping with you.

Though it is a natural thing to give in to sex after meeting someone for the first time or after a few time spent together.

However, it is not ideal to sleep with a guy after creating some intimacy with you.

Most guys create intimacy just for a short period of time, and the main reason why guys distance themselves after intimacy is because they have slept with you, which is their primary aim.

You shouldn’t give guys the chance to sleep with you after they have created some sort of intimacy.

Guys Who Come To Still Away From You

Intimacy to this kind of guy who distance themselves afterwards is nothing but a way to manipulate your thinking to believe that they have come to stay.

For these guys, they do not have any thought of staying with you, neither do they have an option, they clearly come to steal and to take away from you.

They literally play with your emotions, creating some sort of short, illusional memory, making you believe they have come to stay but at the back of their mind, these guys distance themselves after intimacy.

You need to understand if your guy is making you an option in the relationship or you are the priority.

You should know how to deal with guys who practically come to steal from you emotionally, this is the act of lying to you, faking their lifestyle just because they want to sleep with you.

Take note of the wrong relationship belief that never work.

If you are a virgin, you are at greater risk of meeting such fake guys. It is important to give your virginity to the right person and not losing your virginity to a guy who will later give an excuse and then distance himself from you after intimacy.

You should be careful when falling for a man, especially guys who are after your body, timing when to sleep with you and let go of you when he is satisfied while giving you false hope and impression of intimacy.

Frustration To Why Guy Distance themselves After Intimacy

The reason why many ladies ask the question of why guys distance themselves after intimacy is simply due to the massive experiences many ladies have faced.

Having a good time with a man and then suddenly the guy disappears is heartbreaking.

Having one or two experiences of this will surely make you question why guys distance themselves after intimacy.

Also keep these 9 things in mind when starting a relationship, this is a useful guide to know if a guy is serious with the relationship or not.

The reason why guys distance themselves after intimacy among others is because they have taken advantage of your body by sleeping with you.

And if you are tired of several heartbreaks due to guys distance themselves after intimacy, take a quick look on why finding true love is a waste of time.

After which you gradually or immediately lose your value because they have achieved their aim.

Why Guys Distance Themselves After Intimacy

Guys distance themselves after intimacy, simply for the reason that he slept with you cheaply. In the process, you made intimacy look cheap

Then offered your body cheaply to him, since he has slept with you, the level of intimacy immediately drops drastically to almost nothing, that he finds no value in you again.

Consequence Of Sleeping With A Guy In A Short Time

Offering a man sex within a short period of time isn’t healthy for a starter relationship. You should take your time and not make intimacy cheap, the moment you make intimacy cheap, he has the advantage to sleep with you cheaply, automatically you have sold yourself out.

Lastly, if you want to know why men distance themselves after intimacy, you should understand this ideology.

While you call it feeling, he calls it smartness, you call it loyalty he calls it cheapness.

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