How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush Right Away

If you ever find it hard to start a conversation with your crush, it is time to take up the courage to take your conversation to the next level.

Many people who try to start a conversation with their crush always end up with nothing else to say, after one or two questions or talks and that is the end. This isn’t good enough to start a conversation.

Start conversation with your crush with flattering words, observe your crush mood

Who knows, your crush may want you to start a conversation but you kept dulling the moment. – That needs to stop.

Talking to someone is always difficult for some people, especially introverts who want to start a relationship.

This makes it hard for an extrovert to cope with an introvert in a relationship.

Some people find it hard to start a talk with someone they have affaction and feelings for, due to some reasons such as fear, shyness, nervousness or anxiety among others.

Not knowing how to start a conversation with your crush has made many people who have true love lose their partner to another person who at the end is not worth it.

If you feel it is time to take the bold step to start a conversation with your crush right away, then you are on the right track, as I will show you how to talk to your crush in an appropriate approach.

Step by Step Guide On How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush

This trick of starting conversation with your crush works perfectly both on text, Instagram, WhatsApp or any social media chatting platforms, it works well on one on one interaction too, I mean having a physical conversation.

The step I will give to start a conversation with your crush should help build a better relationship, if followed strictly.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush

1. Start vibes with friends: Vibes conquer fear to approach someone. The fear of starting a conversation with your crush starts because you are an introvert or have a part of introvert in you even when you feel you are an extrovert. Making out time with friends with a serious vibe will help you build some confidence and at the same time increase the vibes in you to do the unexpected.

Be it that you are afraid or nervous to start a conversation with your crush, some wild outing with friends can spark up your energy and boost your morale to approach and talk to your crush. Starting with a good vibe helps start a conversation with your crush smoothly.

2. Start conversation with flattering words: You should not hit the nail on its head, you should instead start a conversation with your crush with flattering words. Let your crush feel important and also be at the top of the world, this gives your crush some freedom to speak, instead of you talking and talking and at the end killing the show. Tell your crush how beautiful they are, add some fantasies, lower your pride and make your crush feel important.

3. Observe your crush mood: Don’t just jump into a conversation with your crush, observe their mood, know when they are in a good or bad mood. A good mood gives you a signer that can make your crush easy flow with you, a bad sign will repel.

Carefully observe and know your crush mood status so you can know when to start a conversation.

4. Admire your crush’s appearance: Can trigger a conversation. Starting a conversation on any social media platform or even meeting physically, you have to credit your crush’s appearance, maybe on outfit, mood of speaking, beauty or charisma.

5. Tell a joke: To make everything lively, tell your crush a joke in the middle of the conversation.

How To Extend talk With Your Crush


1. Ask about happening events: Somehow, there will be something happening around your crush that they will like to share with someone, maybe in academics, religion, events around friends and many more. There is something that can always extend and bring in more talks or topics to discuss.

2. Ask about your crush concerns: It is important to know what your crush worries are, this helps create a better conversation with your crush. Knowing your crush’s worry will help expand your conversation.

3. Be a good listener: Don’t just talk and talk, ask questions and carefully listen to your crush’s conversation. In these words, you can pick words that can extend your conversation.

4. Acknowledge their opinion: If you really want an extended conversation after starting a conversation, then you need to always acknowledge your crush’s opinion. Make your crush’s opinion superior, this will help extend the conversation you started.

5. Be versatile: Don’t be a one way traffic person, be verse by knowing how and when to swing from one topic to the other. Your can start conversation with your crush on talks like asking after their wellbeing, academic life, personal encounters, life challenges, things they which to have but don’t have, religion talks, political talks, and even introduce sexting which in some ways help relationship in both long and short distances.


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