11 Important Things Relationship Need Right Now

Non Common Relationship Need

There are so many things to take seriously in a relationship, however, some things are quite more serious than others which should not be taken with levity.

Love is great if it knows and can adhere to the important things in a relationship.

One reason why many relationships fail is basically because of negligence. Not counting things as important in a relationship has ruined so many beautiful homes.

Many of these important things relationship that we do not take note of, simply start at the beginning of a relationship but people tend not to pay attention to these things.

I have seen people who intentionally neglect some important things which they ought to take actions on but did not do simply because they are in love.

I have seen some people who overlook their partner’s error while it directly hurts them down but still refuse to speak or act against these things just because they do not want to hurt their partner.

Sadly, at the end of it all, while intentionally neglecting the important things in their relationship, they end up blaming themselves for not taking action at the right time.

Nevertheless, these things are bound to happen and there is little we can do about it, most especially when we are deeply in love.

When we are in love there is nothing hard to sacrifice for the one we love, we most times ignore or neglect the vital things in a relationship.

Truly, love is blind for those who have experienced true love, especially from both partners.

You try not to hurt each other, and always be mindful of the action you are about to take. We most times overlook most things as less serious in the name of love.

I do tell people who do not know how to start up a relationship to always know the most right things to keep in mind when starting up.

Many people do not focus on the important things a relationship need, rather they focus on the fantasy, the fun, the conducive emotions and happy moments, while ignoring the genuine truth about relationships.

Here I will point out not the major things a relationship needs to survive but the vital things needed in relationship needs to survive.

Important Things In a Relationship

1. Compatibility: This is the first among other important things a relationship needs. The first thing foremost is to check the level of compatibility. Many people are not compatible with each other but they force things because of physical appearance and some other less valuable things. There is a great need to check the level of compatibility between you and your partner to determine how well you can really get along.

2. Value: One among the non common but important things in a relationship is value. How valuable your partner is determines the level of burden you have on your shoulder. Less valuable equals liability, burden. Keep in mind to know what values a quality relationship needs to survive.

3. Privacy: The same way privacy is important in a relationship, so it is in marriage. Many couples see keeping a private life away from a lover is improper but still, there is a great deal of its importance in a relationship as it commands respect, and takes you off jealousy.

4. Intimacy: To make your relationship or marriage survive no matter how hard or difficult times you face as partners, see yourselves as best friends, siblings, parent to child is a crucial thing which you should not joke with. Intimacy breeds friendship, communication, bonds, liveliness and happiness in a relationship, so you see reasons why you need to be intimate with your partner.

5. Productivity: Any relationship where you find no progress no matter how little shouldn’t be before you. I do not say you shouldn’t struggle with your partner in hard times, I am saying there should be at least a single reasonable progress at every stage or time of your relationship. Productivity amounts to results overtime, progress and changes which are important things in a relationship.

6. Reliability: If you are fortunate to find a partner who is reliable, my advice is to keep them strong to yourself because they are not beyond being reliable. This kind of persona will always be there for you at any time, they stand on a higher ground in terms of security, trust issues, and peace of mind.

7. Fun: Having a good time with your partner is very important in a relationship. Don’t date or get married to a man who sees you as a slave or less important to his carrier

8. Right choice: Don’t just jump into a relationship because you are in love and think or assume your partner loves you the same way

9. Don’t expect nothing in return for love: It is not a good idea to hope for great reward in return for the effort you gave to your relationship. Love is not a trade zone, it isn’t a barter for which you exchange favour. Do your best andRelationship leave the rest.

10. Relationship is a learning process: most people who see relationships as a thing of perfection end up becoming a nuisance. Relationship as I have always said, is a training ground that you will never stop learning, be it by luck, or fortunately it worked for you or not. It is important to see relationships and even marriage as a learning process.

11. Prepare to be the right person for the one you choose to love: So many people want a good person but do not do well in building themselves to be better for the partner they choose to love. Remember ‘you can not eat your cake and still have it’. Take your time to build yourself, this is very important for lovers. Try with this article – Why waste your time finding true love.

Major Relationship Needs

One among the important things in a relationship is avoiding falling in love with a man who sees you as a slave, treats you as an option or makes you feel less important. Prepare to be the right person for the one you choose to love

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