How To Find True Love: 9

Every good, true and lasting thing in life takes time, it needs consistency, self-discipline, self-dedication and self-sacrifice to get the best and not to forget perseverance and patience to find true love.

Diamond isn't hard to find among stones, so as to find true love isn’t hard for those who build themselves for the right partner


Many people fail to find true love because they do not pay close attention to these things which I specified earlier. The world is changed and so are the people in it. Humans have gone past the term slow and steady which has led to impatience in so many people when it comes to finding true love for a lifetime.


There is no crime in being impatient when looking for something, but when it comes to some resourceful, valuable and self-embodied things of life, things that have to be part of you for a lifetime, you dare not rush to get it or hope for instant gratification.


Sometimes, finding someone can naturally come so fast, that we may feel it happens so fast because you guys get along really well, or makes you feel somebody is meant for you. I will say, do not fall for this because there isn’t no such a thing as assurance in this kind of a relationship.


Well, you could say but people fall in love at first sight? True love at first sight is real but watch out, this isn’t for everyone, just as success isn’t for everyone who is hardworking, it is just something that comes naturally from above, something unexplainable, while some people call it grace of God, others call it luck.


How Easy It is To Find Right Partner


In essence, If you are to find true love, you have to consider the first statement made in this post and then understand what your responsibility is to make it easy to find true love.


If you cannot accept responsibility you cannot easily find true love, if you cannot accept building yourself rightly for that which will love you, you will end up wasting your time in finding true love. 


I posted a time ago on why finding true love is a waste of time, this may look insane but the fact is many will never find true love just because they are ignorant of what is to be known.


It is easy to find true love if you can invest in yourself, by constantly adding values to yourself while waiting for the right partner. Taking of anxiety, find partner in decent places and other ways will help seek what you find.


Also, do you have to understand that a relationship isn’t a do or die affair nor is it best to find a true partner out of feelings alone. It is easier to find true love when you see a relationship as more than just an emotional stuff but rather a training ground to build oneself to suit the right person for you.


I have seen ladies claim they can not date or marry a man who does not have a specific figure of money in their account. 


These ladies dictate what they want with authority while they are empty barrels who do not have a dine in savings, many do not even have a job but rather spend all their time on social media posting nudes pictures of themselves just to attract men.


There is no two ways about it, a lady like this will surely get what they deserve. You find love in an imprudent way, your result awaits you.


How To Find True Love


That being said, Here is a legit, real and promising and assured way to find true love, if you can combine consistency, self-discipline, self-dedication and self-sacrifice to get the best and not to forget perseverance and patience with the main ways to how to find true love which will be discussed below. 


1. Understand your personality: Only you can build a personality that will attract the right person for you. If you are lazy to make yourself useful to yourself how then will you be useful to that person who awaits you. 


2. Be the true love: The same way you find true love is the same way the right person awaits you. You should be smart about what you waste your energy and time on, stop looking for true love, be the true love for the right person that awaits you.


Diamond isn’t hard to find among stones, so as to find true love isn’t hard for those who build themselves for the right partne


3. Take away anxiety: This is one greatest weakness in a relationship that people don’t pay attention to, especially when starting a new relationship. 


Anxiety is a hazard that makes people ignorant of what to accept or reject. Even your prayers can’t save you if you are too anxious in starting a relationship, with the hope of finding a true life partner.  You need to take away anxiety if you truly want to find true love.


4. Visit decent places: You can not meet someone in a strippers club, or a hotel and then conclude you have found true love. You can not be the center of attraction on social media and say you have found true love among those who admire you. 


You will end up dating a fling. It is simple, if you want something decent for a lifetime, go get it in decent places. However, keep in mind, even religious gatherings are polluted with cheats, so be smart at what you do.


5. Choose morality over religion: Being a religious person does not mean such a person is morally upright. Dating the Pastor, bishop, Imam or any leader of a religion does not mean you have found a true lover. 


Don’t get things missed up, morality is different from religion. Choose morality over religion if you want to find true love.


6. Choose Character over beauty: Many peoples priority in relationships these days is beauty, men find ladies with big boobs and butts more attractive and loving than a lady with good home upbringing and a well-established and civilized holy way of life.  


Women on the other hand find tall, short, slim, fat cute guys with dick that fit their spec more admiring over character. If you need to find true love for yourself you need to make character your first priority over beauty.


7. Choose value over luxury: Any woman who has no value to offer in a relationship is a liability. People naturally find true love in someone they value. Value naturally attracts good people to themselves because it commands respect and dignity. 


8. Take your time to examine: This is just like taking responsibility and blame for your own ignorance. Most people don’t take time to examine themselves and that which they choose to love. It is your responsibility to know yourself and that of your lover.


9. Pray to God but apply wisdom: prayer is good and it helps find true love but prayers without applying common sense is complete foolishness. Remember, the holy book said ‘my people perish for lack of knowledge’.


Prayer alone can not help you find true love. Being knowledgeable about what you want of yourself and of your partner is the key.


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