16 Mindful Relationship Habits To Stick Too

Relationships grow when both partners know what they are doing. Living in accord is what makes love stands. When partners have mindful relationship habits and good thoughts in mind, it is easier to keep a healthy relationship.

Keep to these mindful relationship habits and know peace.

The essence of relationship is love, but it takes so much effort and sacrifice to make that love not fade away only if partners ignore nor pay little or no attention to the mindful relationship habits to keep a lasting relationship.

I said this in one of the previous posts, that relationship problems do not start when a relationship is on the way but it starts before the relationship. I stated that Finding true love is a matter of you being the right partner for the one you choose to love”. you can find details in this article Why finding true love is a waste of time.


The topic may sound confusing but the fact remains, you can not keep on finding true love when you do not build yourself well prepared for that person whom you choose to love. Practising the right mindful relationship habits will also help when you make it part of your daily life.



Your Relationship Is Your Responsibility

Take Note: You should not possess these relationship habits because you want to impress, make your partner happy. You should practise these habits for your own good. You should see it as a responsibility, not something you are instructed or mandated to do.


If you can successfully learn, practice and master these mindful relationship habits, there is a greater chance that you will be able to handle any difficulties of whatsoever that comes up.


Why is this? Because you are well prepared, you took your relationship as a responsibility and you have learned  that good habits in a relationship is profitable and can make a relationship stand its ground without fault.


Before I go into details of the mindful habits that help shield relationships. I want you to take note and as well take advantage of Home Training. You see, the background we all came from matters a lot and can stand as an advantage to keeping a healthy relationship.


Though, not everyone come from a family with better relationship experience, some of us are from a polygamous family where we hardly learn something helpful for a healthy relationship, some of us lived a life with our single parent or guidance due to divorce or other reasons best know.


Many of us may regret not having this experience but that isnt the rule of thumb,the fact is that the past is gone, it should be left behind. Now that we are here, we have to know the mindful relationship habits to keep a healthy relationship.


 Mindful Relationship Habits

1. Patience: Patience is a virtue only few partners can keep. What a war of a thousand years can not keep, patience will make peace. It is a shame that we are in a world where people want instant gravitation, we can not wait for the right time.  

Because you didnt see what you expect from your relationship does not mean it is not there, why not wait a little longer.

Patience in relationships is a mindful relationship habit that keeps evolving in every relationship for a lifetime, it does not even apply to relationships alone, patience is needed in our daily life.

2. Practice trust: One of the virtues of a relationship is trust. You need to practice trust by being truthful at almost all times to continually win the heart of your partner. Trust is a mindful relationship habit to possess for transparency.

3. Set Priorities: If you can not set your priorities then you become an option, I bet you do not want to be an option in a relationship, it is just like being enslaved in a modern way. Setting your priorities by not being an option is a mindful relationship habit to keep an equal.

4. Submissiveness: There is no wrong in being submissive to your partner whether you are a male or female, being submissive to your partner alone can enhance a relationship. Learn to be submissive, it helps outside the walls of relationship as well.

5. Commitment: no matter what your past relationship has taught you, if you value the present relationship you are now, it is important to forget your past no matter how it hurts, stay committed to it. Devotion is a mindful relationship habit partners need to keep strongly.

6. Neatness: Neatness is godlinessNeatness, a relationship habit no one should abstain from. No responsible person will want a dirty or untidy partner. Do well to stay clean in your relationship, it gives you dignity and respect.

7. Giving: Mindful relationship habits cultivate the act of giving. The saying givers never lackis not a fallacy. It is a word that proves itself in reality. Give to your partner when you have and never be greedy.

8. Use the word us and not I: Many partners in relationships are fond of the word Iand not Us. Words are power and can easily change things, it can make your partner think you are being selfish, greedy or feel you are after your own interest alone. Using the word usoften in a relationship is a good habit to possess.

9. Understand love: Love is the most common thing in this world, a foundation to a good relationship, the heart of human existence. Though, many people get it wrong that when you are in a relationship, it means that you are in love with a partner who loves you in return. That isnt true, You can be in a relationship and never be loved. Take your time and understand what it is to be loved, you should be mindful of this.

10. Forgiveness: Forgiveness should not be something to preach or teach, it should be a habit, learning to forgive no matter how it hurts, is a mindful relationship habit that can build a even better relationship with your partner and outside of your relationship.

A forgiving heart is always free of worries.

11. Ask often about partners’ well being: The well being of your partner should always be your priority and not yours. Imagine you read this post, then you took asking about your partners well being as a mindful relationship habit, you then practices it in your relationship, then somehow, your partner saw this post and take it into practise as you have done without knowing you have read as well, There is no doubt; you should know your relationship will be ever smoother than it was.

12. Always say thank you: Appreciation has a lot to do in a relationship, keep it as a habit and see wonder. Appreciate your partner no matter how little their contribution or effect is. It automatically encourages and motivates them to do more.

13. Say sorry unconditionally: There is no doubt about it, you should have known by now that the hardest word to say out of freewill or with force is to say sorry. Some people will never say sorry even at gunpoint, this is not a good relationship habit. Learn to say I am sorryeven when you know you are right.

14. Constantly think of values: No matter where you find yourself, creating values is important, the inability to create for your relationship will only diminish relationship value. Among other mindful relationship habits, values are an asset.

15. Growth: This is an ever changing thing that every relationship needs, a relationship that fails to grow is dead. Think of growth and make ways to make your relationship move forward.

16. Cheer up partner: This is needed and necessary most especially in times of difficulties, your partner constantly needs to be cheered up, this shows you are concerned.

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