26 Relationship Regret Quotes Based On Experiences 

A collection of lovers’ experience from past and present relationship regret quotes can save you a long way from relationship heartbreak.

Relationship Regret Quotes


Here are some relationship regret quotes you need to pay attention to. Remember, experience serves as the best teacher.

These relationship regret quotes are more or less peoples experiences where you can quickly tap some knowledge from, to guide you through your relationship journey.


Relationship Regret Quotes For You

1. My relationship regret  was, I was busy finding true love instead of building myself to be the right person for the one I choose to love.

2. I have no regrets for now, all I wish is that my fears shouldn’t put me in trouble.

3. My biggest regret was I gave in too quickly to my relationship.

4. I rather remain single than end up with another relationship heartbreak.

5. If you ask me what my regret was in a relationship, I will say I regretted losing my virginity to the wrong man.

6. If you speak of fears in a relationship, don’t forget that regret is greater.

7. I regret I didn’t value the man I love, instead I focus on social trends which weren’t profitable.

8. To love is one thing, to manage a relationship is another. If you fail at the latter you end up in regret.

9. I should have loved in more but I regret I could not overcome jealousy, which ended up ruining my relationship.

10. I am a married man who prefers self touch over making love with my wife. My biggest relationship regret is I got addicted to masturbation that I find it hard to stop.

11. If you want to know the biggest fool, it is a person who does not know what it means to lose a valuable relationship for cheap love.

12. I have had relationship regrets that I never forgive myself for. I am always temperamental and do not know how to stop.

13. My relationship regret was, I had a completely wrong mindset of how relationships work.

14  You can not know the value of what you have until you lose them.

15. I didn’t make my partner realize he made a mistake because I love it and I don’t want him to get hurt or make it end in a fight. My relationship regret was I was a fool not to open up, now we are no more together.

16. I regret I just jumped into my first relationship without knowledge of how to start one.

17. I have always dreamt of a good relationship with no flaws but I regret to say I found myself in a relationship where I have to sort issues every day.

18. If you don’t want your relationship to be in a mess like mine, you better start learning the right habits that will help you have a long lasting relationship.

19. I have always deny my spouse of sex when I need something he could not provide, little do I know that I was ruining my marriage with my own hands, that has been my worse relationship regret. 

20. I don’t know how to satisfy my partner, I get complaints about almost everything.

21. Every person I love seems to be a pretender, they only use me and dump me at the end.

22. I am an introvert who finds it hard to get along with an introvert. It is a regret I wish I could stop.

23. I do not know what has been killing my marriage. It was a big pain when I realized it was something easy I could solve but didn’t pay attention to it.

24. My relationship regret was I enjoyed watching porn than making love with my partner which has literally ruined my relationship.

25. I did not know how to say ‘NO’ until I was completely used by people who didn’t love me.

26. Relationship regret for me, is that I fall in love easily.


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