14 Wrong Relationship Belief That Never Works

The mindset you carry plays a very big role in how it can harm or save your relationship. Here are wrong relationship belief that never work.

Just because it is the norms does not mean it is right, it is time to take off  that wrong relationship belief of yours.

If you are of the opinion that there is one particular way to handle a relationship or a guideline given to you to follow, you are most likely to lose your relationship or sell it out cheaply, here are wrong relationship beliefs that never work.

Relationship is more or less an institution of endless learning, you can not be a pro in relationship dealings. In fact, most relationship counselors are losing their relationship due to lack of management and improvement to continually learn new things to enhance their relationship.


Primitive Mindset In a Wrong Relationship


I have come across men and women who claim to stand on one point, a rule, like a guide of how they are meant to manage their relationship. They are of the notion that ‘this is how I will do my thing and nothing will change it’. Check out these adamant, ignorant and selfish people, they are always encountering several issues in their home.

People with this kind of misleading mindset never find it easy to coordinate nor manage their relationship. It is most common in men, especially authoritative men who are not after their partner’s interest but instead theirs.

This is as a result of a poor, primitive mindset gained from social or family heritage, a belief passed from one person to another on how to handle a relationship.

If you notice your partner has this wrong relationship belief, that you have tried to correct him or her but wouldn’t listen, it best to flee from such relationship, cause the chance of finding happiness in a relationship of such is likely zero.


Wrong Relationship Belief That Never Work

1. Partners Right: Any partner who claims he or she has total right over you isn’t a good signal in a relationship, only if you are signed to a master and slave relationship where you have no right at all over your own life. Partner taking your rights away from you is a wrong relationship belief that never works in this modern world. 

2. Can’t date a guy without money: If you can not date a guy without money, what do you have to offer a guy that has money. Many of the ladies who say these shady words have nothing meaningful to offer in a relationship. The belief that dating a rich guy is the way is a wrong belief that doesn’t work.

3. Equality mindset: Many men believe that men and women do not have the same right to equality. This has been an existing problem in marriage right from the existence of man. However, when it comes to relationships, things you believe do not work as planned. Don’t let anyone fool you about not being equal, a good and healthy relationship needs equality to be productive.

4. No Intimacy: What is the essence of a relationship without intimacy. For every successful relationship, there is always a need for intimacy. Intimacy is a feeling that binds and bond two partners together. Your partner should be your best friend, brother or sister, father or mother to you and not a slave or master.  

5. Longer communication is better: There is this belief that lovers subscribe to, that longer communication is better. It is true that communicating often aids relationship but at the same time be mindful of long communication as it can diminish and fade feelings in no time. Consider short but frequent communication to be best.

6. Partners conversion of religion: Dating a person whose religion isn’t the same as yours is not a crime. The mindset of religion discrimination is a wrong relationship believe that never work. If it works for your parents does not mean it will work for you. Many people end up having difficulties in marriage just because they decline the right partner of religion while getting married to the same religion with bigger problems.

7. Can date a ugly lady: It has come to men awareness that many ladies with beautiful charming faces are nothing but bunch of dull brains, with no values, character and yet has nothing meaningful to offer, rather they are cheat who flirt around from one man to the other, as a man, if you truly want to know peace in your relationship, choose value over beauty.

8. A luxury wedding: There are so many people who love to show off. A ceremony that does not in any way decide a happy ending in marriage. It is so common for people to celebrate their wedding in the biggest scene they could think of but end up regretting the day they got knotted. Luxury wedding ceremony is a wrong relationship belief that never works.

9. Money will come: it is true that God will provide, in fact He has his ways of doing miraculous things. This is a good sign of home but not making a good sum of income or not having a good source of making money will never work. You need money to fuel your relationship, God will not come down from heaven to help you.

10. Monitoring spouse: There are couples that are fond of monitoring their spouse time after time, check partner phone unaware, monitoring spouse activities is a wrong relationship belief that never works these days. At the end you find yourself hurting yourself rather than solving a problem.

11. You have no choice: There is no one without choice, how you place yourself is what matters most. Many people feel they have no choice, which turns them into an option in a relationship. When some people sense you are in relationship because you have no choice, they quickly seize the opportunity by making you an option, when I mean option, I mean a second choice, an alternative, they use you to pass time, while they have other person they care for. If you have in some ways found yourself as an option in a relationship, simply follow this process to find your ways out of being an option in a relationship.

12. Share Responsibility: Long ago, there was this hierarchy in relationships, where men and women had a fixed duty to execute. It is believed that a man takes up 60 to 90 of family responsibilities while the woman takes between 10 to 40 percent this is a wrong relationship belief you should not buy. It is believed that men are to carry most of the responsibilities no matter what, but that is not the case anymore. Men now need women who are capable of carrying most of the responsibilities, even when they can take most if not all of the responsibility themselves.

13. Home chores are for the women: If you have ever watched your mother do home chores, you will know how stressful it is to let your woman alone doing this thing. Right from cleaning to cooking, to taking care of children, nursing the baby, washing dishes, ironing, going to the office and all. You will know the pain if you can take a full day off to do all these. It is a wrong relationship to believe to leave all home chores for a woman, you can help as well, no crime in it.

14. Men provide for the family: A woman with this mindset will kill her man at early age. Men think 4 to 5 times ahead of women, just to keep the house intact. Money carries most of the responsibilities, this is why men go out to do everyday of their lives to make money.

Some are so badly into the 4:30am to 11pm routine that their children aren’t able to recognize them because they spend most of the time outside and come back late at night when children are asleep. It has become a ritual that can not be avoided, if they want peace. Helping your man earn some money or contribute financially to the home needs is great.

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