11 Ways To Stop Couples Fight Same Fight Everytime

Fighting same issue is lack of ignorance, take time to stop being ignorant it will open your eyes to why couples fight same fight over and over again.

Trashing issues completely can help restore fight same issues. Don’t leave a trace, kill everyt issue completely.

This is a frustrating issue and at the same time irritating. Because things that are often done repeatedly end up boring.

Same thing happens when relationships suddenly get boring. The cause of this is nothing else but that partners do not fight ways to spice up relationships¸ instead they repeat every step over and over again.

If you are reading this post, and you have not had a failed relationship, you need to thank your stars because you are a lucky gem.

It is rare for couples who fight same issues to stay together for long. No need to search somewhere else, with this you will surely know how to stop couples from fighting the same fight over and over again.

36 Secrets To Having A Long Lasting Marriage


You Deserve Better Over Same Issue

Every responsible person deserves a perfect relationship, yet the hard truth remains, there is nothing called perfection in a relationship.

Those who wish for perfection wouldn’t find any no matter how hard they try. Relationships can only be scaled on balance not perfection

You might have wondered why couples fight same issue in marriage. Well, there is a proven reason for that and a good way to restore this is if both couples take time to read this article to the end.

Ideally, reading this article alone can take you a long way. However, it is important to note that restoring a relationship where couples fight same issues over and over again works best when you and your spouse take your time to read.


High Time To Restore Couple Fight Same Issues

Are you tired of fighting over the same issues in your relationship? Well, it is high time to restore your relationship to its peaceful state.

Nothing more refreshing, loving and engaging than a relationship with little or no flaws, but sometimes fighting in a relationship can be fun, Though I am not in support of fighting over same issues.

If you think it is possible without having issues in a relationship, I will have to make it clear to you that it is impossible because issues will in some ways come up and you have to fight for or against it.


Issues Are Natural But Fighting Same Issues Every time Is Abnormal 

It is natural for couples to have a fight, at times couples fight to keep the relationship healthier, as both partners feel more connected to each other after a fight, than before.

Couple fighting over something new is ideal, not a problem nor is it a threat to a relationship, But when couples fight same issues over and over again it becomes a problem that needs to be resolved as early as possible.

36 Secrets To Having A Long Lasting Marriage

Fighting over same issue has been one of the major reasons why relationships fail repeatedly. It is important to check for yourself if you have had a severe relationship breakup.

If so, then you have to pay close attention to how to stop fighting issues over and over again before things completely get out of hand.

1. Fight your own self: if you can not see you are wrong, it will be hard to admit to fault. You have to admit that you can never be always right. 

2. Fight your spouse: If you want to agree, you have to first disagree, this time, you do not need to disagree about the same issues you fight over and over about but disagree about why you both fight in the first place.

3. Learn to submit: Fighting the same problem over and over again shows that there is a problem. If either one of you isn’t willing to submit to the other person, it could be vice versa or both. This isn’t a good way to keep a healthy relationship. Anyone can be submissive, irrespective of gender.

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4. Know why the problem keeps showing up: At times we fight over and over something we do not know where the problem is coming from. There should be a cause before an effect. To stop fighting the same issues as couples you both need to identify where the problem is coming from. If you know the source, you have control over the problem.

5. Poor approach: How you approach issues is something that matters if an issue is to be completely solved. Trying to solve a problem with a problem won’t work. Sometimes our mode of approach triggers sleeping issues.

6. Trash the issue completely: leaving or pending issues for a while or for another day isn’t a good idea. Trashing issues completely can help restore fight same issues. Don’t leave a trace, kill everyt issue completely.

7. Wrong conclusion: An issue that does not end in a good conclusion will always show up over and over again no matter how the couple try to kindle it. Remember, ‘a snake cut in half can still kill’.

8. Forget about who is right: To create peace need equality. As couples, you need to understand both opinions matter, one shouldn’t feel superior than the other. You have to forget about who is right or whose talk should take the lead if you really want to stop fighting same issues.

9. Don’t forcefully admit to be wrong: Do not forcefully agree to wrongs because you want peace to rain in your relationship, either because you are feeling inferior or because you find it hard to express yourself about an issue. When issues come, make sure you trash it out completely, if not ,same fight will show up again and again.

10. Lack of submission to correction: Sometimes you need to let spade be a spade, by letting something go out of your spouse’s ignorance. The moment you take your spouse to be ignorant of their action the more peace you have.

36 Secrets To Having A Long Lasting Marriage

11.. Give yourselves a break: It happens that we tend to pick up a fight or act weird when we see people too often. At some point, couples do need a break just to let go of so many junks in a relationship.

This break does not mean you are breaking up or going for a divorce but a time to have some privacy and relax the brain, there are good reasons why privacy is important in relationships.

With this, couples can easily come back to their right senses, couples miss each other with time and will be naturally willing to come back together without a fight.


If you aren’t smart enough to tackle an issue with the right approach, you can not win a fight, instead you keep fighting the same issues over and over again.



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