18 Tips To Start a New Relationship Successfully

If people can put great energy to start a new relationship, but fail to put the same energy in identifying if they are falling into a trap of loss. Then it is up to them to face the reality after words.

It needs a great deal of understanding from both partners to start a new relationship successfully.

Be it divorced, heartbroken or just starting up a new relationship, it is important to keep in mind that a relationship is for people who are willing to take responsibilities and learn.

A good way to start a new relationship isn’t by aiming at perfection, or flawless relationship.

Be advised also not to start a relationship with a partner who isn’t ready. Many people tend to play with other people’s emotions, they don’t care if you die of heartbreak, heart-attack or any other emotional distress, all they want is to satisfy their own glutes and jeopardize other peoples.


How Do You Know If Your Partner Isn’t Ready


Actually, it is very difficult to know a partner who truly loves you or just playing around only to take advantage of you. At the same time, keeping in mind that not everyone who claims to love is truly doing so for the good interest, many are only after their own personal interest. However, there are tips to quickly know who truly loves you.

Finding a true partner is hard, this is more reason why you should know the essence of a relationship before you start one. Knowing a fling from a real relationship can help a long way in shielding relationships.

It is easier to start a relationship but difficult to maintain. When you are about starting up. It is natural to be clouded by love, this will not make you see things the way it really is, but if you are lucky enough to see the reality, it will be very difficult to stick your mind on the right track by tackling those things that aren’t meant to be.

Finding a new love is a great feeling but people do not always pay close attention to the consequences afterward. We just want to be happy for that moment and nothing else, neglecting that cloud of love at the start of a relationship gradually diminishing.

Not because it is natural for love to diminish overtime but because lovers gradually find faults in themselves, which they aren’t prepared for at the start of a new relationship.


How To Start A New Relationship

Start a new relationship with compliments, acknowledgment, give your new relationship a sense of stability by forgetting about your ex or think of perfection in the relationship, identify a toxic relationship by asking sensitive questions and more..

It is easier for someone who has once been in a relationship to start a new relationship successfully. As I have said at the beginning of this post, relationships are a training ground where you gain experience and exposure to how life works in general.


1. Forget Perfection in a new relationship: Ask yourself this question, is there anything 100 percent perfect in this world? The only thing perfect is God and nothing else. So why seek perfection where there isn’t. Relationships can not be perfect but can be balanced, if you know how to balance a relationship.

2. Start identifying a toxic relationship: It is difficult to know a partner who is after their own interest without considering yours. One thing you should always seek and secure when starting a new relationship is your happiness.

Making yourself happy in a relationship is easy if you can find your own happiness. However knowing the signs of a toxic relationship will greatly help to avert any harm you are likely to face afterwards.

3. Start a relationship by asking questions: You should know the interest of your partner, they should know yours as well. Do not start a relationship with a person who talks about their own achievement without putting you into the picture.

4. Acknowledge your partner: Everybody loves to be praised, seen at the front page of the magazine. You should know how it feels when someone tells you how great you are and how lovely your works are even when you aren’t close to being great. It is good to acknowledge a partner for a good start to a relationship, it builds confidence in them. 

5. Complement should follow: Your partner is likely to acknowledge you before you. It is important to see it as a complement by returning an acknowledgement of your partners’ good work.

6. Make your partner look Superior: Acknowledgement and complement is automatically a way to make your partner look superior, in respective of the gender, praising your partner in the presence of your friends and family is great.

7. Experience is the best teacher: Either you have been in a relationship before or you are just starting up, when it comes to starting a relationship, experience is the best teacher.

If you are new to a relationship, you can learn from other peoples experiences or learn from what has made a couples relationship a success or failure. That which you have learned should be a guide to the path to follow in starting up.

8. Forget your ex: If you want to start a relationship successfully without issues, you need to forget your past relationship completely. Do not bring up your ex matter into your new relationship, it doesn’t work that way. Let go of your ex, no matter how much it hurts, do well to focus on making your next relationship a success instead.

9. Understand the mood: You will end up ruining your relationship if you get the mood of your partners wrongly. Don’t guess about it, it is your relationship, it is your responsibility to understand your partner’s behaviour before starting a relationship. Temperament is one thing that quickly changes the look of things in a relationship, handling partners temperament rightly is key to keeping a relationship healthy.

10. Make a good joke: You do not have to be serious all the time, you aren’t in for a job interview for crying out loud. Smiles… Just kidding though. But at least create some smiles on your partner’s face by telling a joke, it does not mean you should rehearse but if it is worth it, please do.

11. Ask more about your partner wellbeing: Make your partner feel more important, they will feel excited and relaxed, ask more about your parents rather than yourself, talk about their career, difficulties and challenges of life. Do not take much about yourself but instead give your partner a listening ear. It is a way to say show some respect.

12. Be yourself: There is nothing more natural than you being yourself all through your relationship journey, it gives the sign that you are not faking up.

13. Balanced communication tempo: The standard at which you communicate with your partner should be maintained, having a good duration of talk per day helps start a new relationship.

14. Attraction matters: If you can not impress your partner with attractive clothes, look, and charisma, it will be hard starting a new relationship. Attraction means a lot in a new relationship, your dress code, beauty and composure matter, the way you speak and organize yourself also helps.

15. See often: As much as constant communication is important to starting a new relationship, seeing each other often helps build more emotional bonds in starting a new relationship.

16. Find happiness: Is your partner making you happy? You have to consider this if you want to have a successful and long lasting relationship. Your partner should always be the source of your happiness and should always make you forget your past every moment you are together. If not, things won’t work.

17. Future plan: Are you in the future plan when you ask him/her the major sensitive questions of a good partner. If your partner fails to answer this correctly, it means there is a problem.

18. Values: What do you want to put on the table, I mean what do you want to offer to your new relationship? Sex, talks, or contribute immensely by adding values, a reason why men take women for granted. You may want to know what values are in a relationship, it is simply a way to gain a ground and have a stronger place in your partner’s heart that will never let them let go of you or thinking of losing or exchanging you for something cheaper.

When you have great value you worth more, you aren’t cheap and your partner will be proud of that, instead of being a fuck mate. Don’t forget no matter how good you are on bed or how much you try to satisfy your partner in bed, sex is always endless, not everyone will be contented.

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