20 Signs Someone Truly Loves You Or Just Pretending

Telling someone you love them is easy, showing true love is the hard part. It is time to expose the truth about who truly loves you or just playing around.

Signs someone truly love you: Someone who truly love you will not love you just for who you are but as well love you for what  you are.

The time has passed  where you have to keep to the fairytale about true love being about loving you for who you are and not for what you are.

A scale-able and meaningful relationship will rely on both, if you truly want to be sincere with yourself.

When someone loves you for what you are, you are always aware of the danger ahead, but loving you for who you are always looks sincere.

This ideology is one of the many reasons why you don’t feel loved and your partner doesn’t care.



That your partner love you for who you are isn’t a guarantee that someone truly love you, but only if you admit to the fact that there are situation where they have to love you as well for what you are, plays a major role in keeping a promising and health relationship.

Do you know? Unconditional love is simply loving you for what you are, who you are and both.


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You should as well keep in mind that a true partner loves you because you love yourself. How is this so? Somehow, you manage to look good, possess a good character , morally upright and all that meet up with your partners requirement isn’t majorly for your own interest alone but because you want to call the attention of the right partner into your life.

You may not be doing these things on purpose, but with time you will realise that all that you have done to keep yourself presentable is not only for your own good but for the good of others.

Remember, the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed, so you can not eat your cake and still have it. This simply implies, If you act like a prostitute you will be addressed like one and if you choose to live a good moral life it will always tell on you.

Good home training, manner of approach, mode of dressing, self presentation, good moral conduct and other value or skills you possess are all to your advantage when seeking qualities of a good partner.


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Signs You Are With The Right Partner Relationship

1. Correction: Someone who loves you will always listen to you no matter the situation. A partner who truly loves you will always take to your correction and see your advice superior to others.

2. Respect: A true lover who knows how important you are will respect your personality, in private and public. Respect is key if you want to know someone who loves you.

3. Loyalty: A loyal partner is a true and loving partner, not because they have to be submissive but because they understand one of the true meanings of  true love is loyalty.

4. Feel and say sorry: If your partner can not say sorry for their wrongs or can not say sorry for your wrongs, even when they know they are right isn’t a good sign of true love. Either you are wrong or right your partner should always feel tempted to say sorry.

5. Feel guilty: I have seen relationships where partners do not feel guilty for their actions, even when they know it can ruin the relationship. This is a sign of no true love. In the end, you end up being the one forcing yourself into a fruitless relationship.

6. Protective: A true loving partner will always be alert and protective of not themselves but for you. True lovers most times put themselves in danger just to get their lovers out of the problem.

7. Keep no secret: True lovers keep know secrets. Being secretive is a sign you aren’t in a good relationship. A true lover will always want to tell you everything.

8. Proud of you: If you observe your partner can not take you out, or you feel he/she is never proud of you, that is a sign you are in a wrong relationship.

9. Happy to introduce: They should be able to introduce you to friends and family not as friends as lovers.

10. Talk about the future: A fruitful relationship should always look promising. If your partner does not talk about how to make the future happen together, or do not include you in their plans for the future, such a relationship is fruitless. Here are important things to talk about in a promising relationship.

11. Communicate often: How much do you communicate with? In every relationship, the moment communication is dead, limited or not consistent as usual without no genuine reason, then there is a problem.

12. Get angry: At some point, your spouse should get mad at you. The more you disagree on relevant issues the strong your connection, but no that there is no pride in beating your woman no matter how hard the issue may look.

13. Easy issue resolved: No matter what the issue may be, being with the right partner makes every issue lighter and gets resolved easily, A true partner will go as far to handling a cheating wife without a divorce.


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14. Love you for who you are: People are likely to love us for some reasons, a true partner will find it hard to explain why they love us.

15. Love you for what you are: Though, many people will say loving you for what you are  does not seem right. But I tell you, this days true lives tend to love us for what we are in terms of what values you possess, how will your availability contribute to the growth of the relationship, if you won’t later become a barrier or a burden and other good  things you can offer.

16. You look valuable: There is no relationship that will last without values unless you are in a fling. No one will want to marry a liability, the more value you give to the relationship the more important you become.

17. Give a listening ears: A good partner who wants the growth of a relationship will always give a listening ear.

18. Give you better attention: a true lover will always give you better attention even more than what you deserve.  True partners will always want you around them.

19. Want your progress: Be it in any relationship journey. A good partner will always seek your progress, and will always ask about how much progress you have made overtime and how close you are in achieving your goal.

20. Pray for you: A partner who prays for you all the time without you being aware is nothing but a true life partner.

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