Why Dating An Introvert Is Hard For Extrovert

Ever dated someone who is completely boring, quiet like water, and finds it hard to communicate with? Someone you can not predict their next move or what they are capable of, if you haven’t but attempting to dating an introvert, then you are about to experience the latter.

Dating an introvert isn't the problem, not being able to study your partner is.

There are so many problems in relationships, especially the most successful ones. There is no point in dating someone without facing one or several issues, but when an issue becomes ambiguous, it becomes uncontrollable and it results in problems.


Extrovert Dating An Introvert


Extrovert dating an introvert is one of the major problems in relationships. It first starts with issues and from there several  other issues grow into problems.

I do say something most times when I talk about relationship issues and how to solve them.

Relationships are not for everyone, people who can not learn or can’t learn to adapt to the things around them, most especially their partner.

Till we all realise relationship is a training ground where we learn then grow and forgive ourselves from past and present experiences that may have hurt us or even make us feel more loved, until then we can have a healthy relationship.

Though introverts have their own unique qualities but still, dating an introvert is something you should think twice before you set in.


Is Dating an Introvert A Problem?

Most people who ask if dating an introvert is a problem are most likely to be an extrovert or both.

There are great possibilities of a successful relationship of an introvert dating an introvert . – There are also relationships where extroverts have a successful relationship with an introvert partner.

But I will personally never, advice an introvert to date an introvert. Only, except if there is true love and could find true happiness in each other. Aside this, dating an introvert when you are an introvert as well will not work.


Who Is An Introvert?

Before you go into a relationship with an introvert, it is important to know who an introvert is. Having a better understanding of who your partner is can help your relationship go a long way.

Introverts are shy, quiet, antisocial people, they love to mind their own business and less intrude in other people’s affairs or problems. Introvert enjoy been alone, spend more time indoor with themselves

They are most likely to be shy and aren’t good at facing crowds or large audiences. Introverts are good at  keeping secrets, either partners’ or theirs, they keep to themselves and most times find it hard to share their experience or problems.

Introvert can also share a part of an extrovert’s traits or personality. Like being social and lively.



Advantage Of Dating An Introvert


  • You are likely to have a secure relationship
  • An introvert has no tendency of sharing their relationship with third parties
  • Introvert have time for themselves and for you rather than friends
  • Introverts talk less and listen more.
  • They can fend for you
  • They are always conscious when making decisions
  • Introvert think before they speak
  • They keep quality friends
  • Introvert make good romantic relationship
  • They displease themselves to please others.


Why Dating An Introvert Can Become a Problem

Before you think about dating or falling in love with an introvert, check mating yourselves if you are compatible with the person you or who claims to love you, it is very important.

Making the wrong decision in dating an introvert without understanding who an introvert is and how their behaviour can negatively influence your relationship could be the greatest regret you may experience in a relationship.

Taking your time to know who you want to fall in love with shouldn’t be the problem but failure to do so could result in an unexpected heartbreak that you didn’t plan for.

1. They are shy: if you know you can cope with someone who is always shy to face a crowd or large audience then, dating an introvert shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Introverts are secretive:  When we talk about relationships, keeping secret is one thing among others that ruins a relationship. You may offend an introvert but they won’t tell you, they rather keep it as secret and then use it against you later.

3. High tendency of anger: People who do less talking, have room in their hearts to keep their anger but when it is filled up they can crush mountains in split seconds.

4. Being a talkative: One thing I love about introverts is that when they are with the right people or people they love they talk. You will be surprised how much introverts engage in talking until when you date one.

5. They make advance plans: Introverts plan ahead of time, they make plans before events, so dating an introvert should keep you on your toes because you are likely to rush in meeting up.

6. Silent killers: Most silent people are deadly, dating an introvert should keep you alerted, do not offend beyond.

7. They are pretenders: Dating an introvert can make you fall into the wrong hands. Many will only pretend to be who they are not.

8. They act strange: Introverts are likely to make and take decisions without your awareness.

9. They need constant attention: If you know you can not keep constant attention with your partner. Please do not date an introvert. They may seem like they do not need your attention but they really do.

10  You need to study them: The same energy you use in studying one of your difficult subjects or course in school, the same energy is needed to study an introvert.

11. They are authoritative:  Not all introverts are authoritative, but most who share a bond with an extrovert are likely to be.

12. Introverts are lovely people to date. Everybody has their own weakness and strengths. You just need to study your partner carefully to bring the best out of them.

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