22 Things That Ruin a Marriage Quicker Than You Think

Married or not married; you would have in some way experienced a ruin marriage, either from a friend, neighbour, or somewhere around. 

Things that ruin a marriage

It might then come to mind that why do a new, healthy or promising marriage get destroyed in no time.

That is because many couples pay less attention to important issues, rather they focus on the wrong things while ignorantly leaving the major things that ruins marriage.


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How Do Marriages Get Ruined

It is no joke that a new marriage can be destroyed in a matter of weeks or months, it only takes a divorce to make it happen. Just like that!

Well, there is always a cause before and effect takes place, this means that something must have happened before a ruined marriage.

Among other things, most couples do not pay attention to their compatibility before coming to an agreement to marriage.

There are no two ways around it, it is very clear that two incompatible couples can never get along for long.

Even a miracle will not make it work, it either they end up divorced, comite suicide or kill each other at the end .

Checking out the level of compatibility before marriage, goes a long way to shield relationships.

Aside from this, there are things that  ruin a marriage quicker than you think, which lovers need to pay very close attention to in marriage or before getting married.


Relationship talk


Things That Ruin A Marriage

1 .Spending much time together: Due to no reason should you spend more than enough time with your spouse.

Though, we have always heard that spending time with a partner increases relationship life but not over doing it. Spending too much time kills relationships. –

Advance Tips  – Over loving by spending too much time together is overrated, give yourself some spacing.

2. Looking for perfection: This one you will never find in marriage. Thinking of having a perfect relationship or spouse isn’t accurate, you can end up ruining a marriage due to lack of ignorance.

Perfection; you will not find, because we are all human, we will at some point behave abnormal. –

Advance Tips – There is nothing like perfection in marriage, you can only balance things.

3. Neatness: Neatness shows godliness. Being neat is a sign of personal respect your spouse will give you in marriage.

Respect can go as far as family members, friends and in-laws commended you for a good work, neatness alone goes a long way to shield marriage.

4. Talkative: Talking is good, in fact it is fun to share talks and experience, gist with your partner but when it gets too often that people or partner start to complain about it seems not productive. Being talkative can quickly ruin a marriage by getting your husband into trouble, get bored of you and you may end up exposing secrets. –

Advance Tips – A lost mouth can never keep secrets.

5. Lust not love: Come to think of it, why do you end up being in a relationship with your spouse, is it for lust or love? Actually sometimes lust can be deceiving and could appear to you as true love.-

Advance Tips – Relationships built on lust can survive for the main time but marriage built on lust will be ruined in no time.

6. Secrets: If one can not keep a secret, to progress becomes hard. Not just secrets but that which two lovers keep. Our partners keep secrets with us not for no reason because they trust us. The moment these secrets are exposed, we should expect trust issues, a thing that ruins a marriage quicker.

Advance Tips –Secrecy is one thing than bond two people together, especially in marriage, when exposed, it leads to trust issues that ruin a marriage.

7. Privacy:  Living a private life can contribute to marriage growth and at the same time ruin a marriage quicker than you think. There are some things that need privacy in a relationship. Keep in mind that privacy in marriage has both it and crones which you need to pay attention to.

Advance Tips – Sometimes partners need to have time for themselves without lovers intruding . Pocknosing in every affairs quickly ruins a marriage.

8. Jealousy: Jealous people always feel they are smart to notices every little steps partner takes especially when talking or interacting with an opposite sex. What they fail to know is, they are prone to shooting themselves in the leg with this attitude of jealousy.

Advance Tips – A jealous person is always hot tempered, being hot tempered can make a person ruin a marriage in a matter of seconds.

9. Temperamental: You can be lucky to have a partner who can handle a temperamental person. Aside from this, there is nothing to be done to stop a marriage from destruction.

Advance Tips – There is no gain in being temperamental, you will only end up ruining a marriage  you have built for a long time in seconds.

10. Financial issues: Be it a man or woman in marriage, having financial crises in marriage is a great disaster that ruins a marriage.  Nowadays, being broke does not only affect the man in a relationship but can greatly damage a relationship if a woman can not financially contribute to a marriage affair.

Advance Tips – Before or after marriage, couples find ways to solve financial crises before it becomes an issue.

11. Job Priority: There is no one that says you shouldn’t work, but making your work a priority over a relationship could ruin a marriage.


Advance Tips – It is not your job you got married to but your spouse, make your family your priority.

12. Religious priority: Many marriages have failed due to the fact that some couples take religion to be more superior than their marriage. Even if you are a religious person before marriage, you have to understand that your personal lifestyle isn’t just for you alone but for two.

Engaging in religious activities and leaving your partner in dilemma and confusion by making religion more important than your marriage will ruin everything.

Advance TipYourself and your partner must come to a solid agreement about religion before embarking on this journey. Remember, “religion will stay but marriage can be ruined”.

13. Bad Influencer: The kind of people you keep determine the success of your relationship in one way or the other. Bad friends will always make things go wrong, some will even threaten you if you think of pulling out.

Advance Tips – Ignore the bad ones and keep the good ones, and if you aren’t comfortable with both, then it is best to stay out of ruin marriage by making your spouse your best friend. This will create a great bond and intimacy.

14. Joblessness: In everything you do, never stay jobless in marriage be it a man or woman. Perhaps you lost your job, there is always an alternative to some  online skills to learn to make money from home. Find something to do and never stay jobless.

Advance Tips – An idle hand is the devil’s workshop, be smart by not staying jobless even if your spouse says they are fine. Joblessness ruins a lot of things in marriage like making you inferior, insecure and more.

15. Public argument: It does not in any way sound polite or right to have an argument in open places. This depreciates relationship values and never adds any meaningful spices to marriage. Arguments in public places will expose your marriage, and make it vulnerable to attack by the people who do not want it to progress.

Advance Tips – Keep in mind that the words you say in public when arguing can never be reversed. And you can not go back to tell everyone that the matter is settled when everything becomes peaceful again, ‘be wise’.

16. False acquisition: Do not give false acquisition if you have no proof or solid evidence of what went wrong, it leads to trust issues and insecurity, that alone can ruin a marriage.

 17. Lies: Imposing false blame on your spouse is improper, lies lead to endless lack of trust and communication because your partner would think you can betray them.

18. Cheat: This is a problem in marriage that has been in existence. Cheating ruins marriages, no doubt about that but if you experience one, it is best to know how to handle a cheating partner.

19. Lack of appreciation: A man or woman who can not appreciate their partner’s effort either big or small will end up being appreciated by someone else outside of the relationship which can ruin a marriage.

Advance Tips  – Always, at all times appreciate your partner, it does not cost a thing.

 20. Apologizing: Some men are fond of not being able to apologize or say sorry. As a man, sometime you have to pull down your pride to say sorry to your woman, not for anything but to make her understand she is precious.

Advance Tips  – Saying sorry does not cost a thing, it is just pride.

 21. Forgiveness: Nothing will exist in life if there is nothing called forgiveness. Same way marriage ends up being ruined if forgiveness does not take its place. Learn to forgive as your creator forgives you.

22. Inability to Adapt: Marriage is very difficult to handle and its complexity can be a lifetime disaster. The different backgrounds each couple came from will tell, as their attitude will be very different from each other no matter how calm you are to love each other, there will be misunderstanding. Learning to adapt will save you from a ruined marriage.


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