17 Reason Why True Love Is Hard To Find

Failure to first love yourself before showing love to others and the inability to be yourself will make it hard to find true love.

True love is never hard to find, you  need to be yourself  and never force  it.

Love is a bond that connects people emotionally. However, finding the right person who loves you so dearly the same way you love them is life challenging, an occurrence that may happen once in a lifetime.

Why Real Partner Is Difficult To Come By

Finding true love these days is like finding a needle in the dark. It takes a lot of sacrifice, patience, hard work and luck to find one.

True lovers are few these days, as the world becomes more enchanted with corrupt minds, only a handful has a good heart. Finding true out of over 7.7billion people in population becomes a lifetime quest and puzzle to be solved.

The rate of finding true love decreases every day in and out, as it becomes more frustrating that true love is so difficult to find.

You might have been wondering why your relationship isn’t working, tired of jumping from one relationship to another, and frustrated about several heart breaks, it is simply because you haven’t found your compatible person.

If we are to carefully examine people with broken hearts, we will find so many  hearts that bleed.

Why True Love Is Hard To Find

True love comes naturally, you don’t force it , it is only when you be yourself, visit places, meet with different people with little or no intention to find true love, only then will you find the right person for you.

It is not when you post half naked on social media, tell people about your personalities or engage in different seminars before you find true love.

Before then, here are possible reasons why true love will be hard to find:

1. Society is corrupt: The society is giving birth to less soft minded productive people and more desperate people who care less about others. The soft and good hearted people are few, yet suffer more.

2. Social media is occupied: The internet has been a place to source for information, dating sites are once a place to find true love with peace of mind and assurance of meeting something realistic, but things have taken a different shape overtime, as the internet is occupied with so many insane people with selfish interest.

3. True lovers are few: let face reality, the population of the world is increasing, this makes the act of connecting with reality fade.

4. Hookup is cheap: The internet has made connecting with people a common thing. Less people are interested in short term relationships and still make money. Hooking up with people for sex and money has become a norms, a average person will rather engage in fling and get paid for it than spending time in a relationship that has no or little monetary value.

5. Sex is cheap: One of the cheapest things to get in life nowadays is sex. Even sex before marriage is promoted by many religious organization, as couples prefer being pregnancy before marriage.

True love will continue to be hard to find as teenagers and youths see no more pride in being a virgin, while adopting premarital sex. It is also alarming at the rate at which couples cheat in marriage dues to cheap sex.

6. Vision aren’t the same: It is hard to find true love in someone you aren’t compatible with or have no close or same vision. Remember ‘it takes two to tangle’ an iron and a rope will never tangle, it takes two ropes to tangle.

7. Genotype dilemma: I have seen so many beautiful and promising relationships break at the point of marriage, not because they found themselves cheating but because they are not genotype compatible. Many true lovers end up finding them in a genotype dilemma. This is why it is important to do your genotype early when the relationship looks promising and fresh.

8. In haste to make money: Many people prefer making money over true love. They rather work so hard to make money before finding the right partner, the mindset of most men these days is that, when you make money you find love or women get attracted to you.

9. In a rush: When in a rush, you keep falling into wrong hands. You do not look for true love in a rush or in a time of distress, like immediately after a broken heart.

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10. Failure to love and be yourself: One secret to happiness is not to be loved by people but first by loving yourself no matter what challenges you face, it gives peace of mind. –  

Love yourself before others but be sure to love others the way you love yourself.

11. Good ones aren’t ready: The good ones are probably young, they aren’t ready for love, perhaps they have other things they get engaged with or carried away by other activities such as academics, work, or vision.

12. Religious belief system: As far as there is diversity in religious beliefs, true love will be difficult to come by. The main reason for conflict in the world is based on diversity in religious belief systems. Because you are not a Christian does not mean you can not marry a Muslim or any other religion and vice versa. It takes wisdom to manage and make it successful.

13. You are desperate: Being desperate will never make you find true love, rather it will make you hate, promote jealousy, temperament and frustration. In the end it still falls into the wrong hands. When people see you are desperate to find true love they take advantage of you. – Patience is key to beat the desperation of finding true love.

14. Racism and discrimination: True love does not discriminate either by complexity or race, being black or white, short or tall, fat, slim or chubby everyone of us are the same. Many people find it difficult to find true love because they discriminate. Love is what makes life enjoyable, racism does not promote true love.

15. Anxiety: When people see you are anxious to start a new relationship, most people will take advantage of you because you aren’t yourself enough. Anxiety in a relationship makes you forget the necessary things to do or keep in mind before starting a new relationship.

16. Pride: If a person is too full of his/herself there is no point in finding true love. Love is not proud so should you not be. Lay down your pride and true love will be easy to find.

17. Confused: This is another stage in a person’s life who is in serious need of a relationship that would lead to marriage. Knowing how long to wait at your 40’s can make finding true love easier

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