How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In Together

Thinking of how soon is too soon to move in together is a sign of readiness, willingness, commitment, an assurance that your relationship is leading somewhere fruitful.

However considering the fact on how soon is too soon to move in with your partner could be something to be sensitive about before taking the step.

This is a great leap and a bold step for both lovers, that of, you who want to move in and he who wants to accept you into his home.

Nevertheless, without great balancing and evaluation there should be no rush when trying to know how soon is too soon to move in.

As everything in life has its pros and cons so as it is in relationships. You have to take note and keep notice of some sensitive things to talk about in a relationship before you think about moving in.


1. Ready to be exposed: If you are not ready for a fight then don’t call for it by moving in.  There is joy in moving in with a partner as you both are settling down to start up a family but at the same time, you have to keep in mind that you are both from a different background and none of you aren’t perfect. Therefore, things may not really work as you planned.


Moving in together will expose a lot of positive things about you and at the same time the negative side. Your weakness will be greatly exposed which you or your lover may not be able to handle. How prepared are you to handle these flaws?


2. Ready to face reality: All that which you have been experiencing in courtship are just preambles of what is to come when you move in together. Courtship will teach you a lot and help you handle situations in marriage only if you take advantage of courting, this is why I consider letting a partner know the importance of courtship before marriage.


Have you learned enough, like there are a lot  and lots of sensitive things to know in a relationship, one of them is to quickly know signs if you are in a toxic relationship before you move in.

Take advantage of courting and enjoy the benefit in marriage.

3. Prepared for unconditional love: To know how soon is too soon to move in is to know how prepared you are to face the challenges in marriage. I am not scaring you off but I want you to see the light before moving into the dark.


Marriage is a different ball game which you have to play for a lifetime, even if you get a divorce, the scars still remains


The moment you move in, be prepared to love unconditionally to save your marriage.

4. Level of Compatibility: Your compatibility with your spouse gives you a clue on how soon is too soon to move in. Without you being told, it is your duty to check the level of compatibility with your spouse. Are you really compatible or you just want to manage? Kindle stay back and never move in with someone you aren’t compatible with.

5. Hope you aren’t forcing things: Are you sure about moving in? Have you sat down to check if you are not the one forcing the moving in of a thing? One regrettable mistake you should never make is to force a man to settle down with you, if you do, you may not find it easy to settle after moving in.

Perhaps you are considering the fact that you are getting older and you are desperate to settle down at your 30s or 40s, there are things to consider on when exactly a man should propose and whether you should accept his proposer.

6. Estimate your values: Values in marriage are what balance individual differences and flaws. The level at which you are valued determines how well and healthy your couples life would be. Take for instance, If your man is wealthy and you are intelligent or filled with wisdom,

There are greater possibilities that you will be able to manage your riches and make it blossom. Your man will not want to leave you for anyone else and you with him because both possess a value.

Another thing is how calm you are under pressure and how you can manage the situation. A man is always multitasking which can easily lead to confusion and frustration but if he has a woman who can calm him off this pressure by managing situations accurately, then there is value in the relationship.

7. level Of Intimacy: If you feel no signs of intimacy early enough in your relationship, then it isn’t the right time to move in with your partner. It is important to improve intimacy in marriage. Intimacy holds a solid ground and a greater advantage in relationship and marriage. If you find no intimacy, it is best to think of pulling out instead of considering how soon is too soon to move in.


How Soon Is Too Soon To Move

At this time, a conclusion on how soon is too soon to move in should be finalized if you feel you have learnt enough in courtship and confident of dealing with problems in marriage as couples.


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