How Soon Is Too Soon To Fall In Love

There are factors to consider on how soon is too soon to fall in love as falling in love these days is more tricky than failing in love.

There are implications when considering how soon is too soon to fall in love.

You can either start falling in love at first sight, a day or weeks to a few months, but keep in mind that your partner may not be willing to wait too long, there are implications to both falling in love too soon and too late.



When To Fall In Love

I will try to buttress on how soon it should be to fall in love so as not to fail in love when dealing with the tricky side of falling in love with someone.

You remember or you might have seen the movie “Romeo and Juliet” where true love is shown and the measurement of how soon is to soon to fall in love is literally surpassed. At the end, they both died a tragic death for love which was romantic and realistic.

Aside that, there is one other heart catching, a true life story of two lovers who fell in love at first sight (Titanic). They took the love so deep that it was hard to believe they started the relationship in just a few seconds.



The Implications Of Falling In Love


Knowing how soon is too soon to fall in love is one of the most challenging aspects when starting a new relationship. It is sometimes confusing and belittling when falling in love without having the right timing.

There are three Implications I will state, to know if you are to fall in love early or wait for sometime to decide on what to do. However the choice is yours to make the final decision.



1. Falling In Love At First Sight

Falling in love at first sight could take between seconds to hours. Depending on how easily two people connect, it may be as a result of natural likeness, attractiveness, character, body language, mood, mode of dress or lust.

Above, I gave an instance of a relationship which started on the very first meeting (Movie), Both lovers fell in love so soon without getting to know each other.

The feelings grow at an instance and they could both not resist.  This could be your condition at the moment but it could be tricky to fall for such love as  you do not know the intention of the other person.

Mind you, that movie ’Titanic’ was a 1997 film and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was a 1996 Movie, so do not judge the event with now, things have changed a lot, but that does not mean there is no true love at first sight in this very generation.

It is important to observe the connection between you and the person you are about falling in love with. Is he/she having the same feelings at first sight as you do? Do you feel falling so easily will not belittle you or make the person call you a flirt?

You can only know how soon is too soon to fall in love  at first sight if the person you are about to fall in love shows the same affection.



2. Love On Gradual Intimacy And Feelings

Aside from falling in love at first sight, to know how soon is too soon to fall in love can be determined by the level of intimacy and feelings created within two people. Falling in love at this expense can take between few hours to a few weeks

There are cases where you may not like a person at an instance but after some conversation or chat, there you might realise you are both connected as a result of intimacy and feeling that grows not instantly but gradually.



3. Love On Consideration

Falling in love without considering the time factor is just like shooting oneself in the leg, because not everyone can wait that long. Anything beyond a few weeks turning  to months is totally unacceptable to many people.

You may say if he/she loves me they will wait, hum! The world isn’t the way it used to be. Many people are desperately looking for a soulmate, The number of women who are in their late 30s to 40s are so high against that of men.

It is just as simple as, if you can not start a relationship at the right time, you lose it and if you start too early, you may eventually end up with the wrong partner who doesn’t love you but only wants a fling.


Yet the question still remains…


How soon is too soon to fall in love

To know how soon is too soon to fall in love is to take your relationship seriously by taking responsibility to study the person you are about falling in love to, if they have the same feelings as you. However there are implications to both falling in love too soon and too late.


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