How To Attract Your Man Physically The Modern Way

The Pass To Stronger Relationship

Be it in courtship or marriage, it is important for a woman to keep attracting her man every now and then. Knowing how to attract your man physically is a killer pass to hold a stronger relationship bond and intimacy with your partner.

Body language signs and more of charismatic behaviour could help attract your man, as well as implementing new physical  changes in your relationship.

I love it when lovers are attracted by something unique, inexpiable to each other. Most women feel like having this kind of experience in their relationship but they do not know how.

The Solution To Attract Your Man Physically

You do not need to do much to know how to attract your man physically, as your appearance can make your man attracted to you and easily submit to your government.

Though, there are several ways on how to attract a man physically, which you might have known or read about somewhere or somehow.

Most of these ways on how to attract your man are most likely to be outdated overtime, as things keep changing from one generation to the next. In fact if we check back, there are great differences on how to handle a relationship few years ago to date.

The Need To Update Your Relationship

This is why it is important to keep updating and educating oneself to an endless source of information on things that really matters, not in terms of tech, formal education alone but generally in all aspects of life. if we truly take our relationship seriously and wish to keep a healthy relationship.

Here Are The Up To Date Step By Step Ways On How To Attract Your Man

The solution on how to attract your man physically is for woman to make use of body language, a little of charisma starting by

1. Look simple but smart: You do not have to wear the most expensive perfume, figment, or clothes before you can look smart these days. Instead of wasting your money on things like that, you can easily get simple, affordable fabrics from an online store that will simply suit you. Most men are not interested in those expensive things, what they really want is a smart you, someone they can boost off and can take out in public.


2. Practise seductive killer dressing: Be fashionable but don’t over do things, same way you can wear less expensive things and still look smart also applies to your mode of dressing. Take your man’s breath with clothes that can seduce him, this makes him happy as it brings out your beauty. Also make sure to always wear different seductive nightgown when going to bed.

Please Note: Make sure you ask him if he likes the outfit before wearing them out

3. Body language and charisma: Sometimes you do not need to say a word before you turn a man on, you just need a little charisma. Body sign and language can mean a lot, even if you do not speak, let your body do all the talking and you will be surprised how your man attention will be called to you.

How To Use Body Language To Attract Your Man Attention Physically

Know how to carry your body, how to twist your waist and sometimes know how to tweak these helps in attracting a man to a woman even without saying a single word.

4. Show some intelligence: Not all men but most men do not like dull women who are not intelligent. At least if not in all ways, learn to be intelligent by adding values or providing reasonable solutions to situations. With just a little trick, a woman can easily attract a man’s attention.

5. Help him with his weakness: Most men are weak and can hardly multitask, this is where a woman can come in to help and at the same time get her man attracted to her. Instead of mocking him, try and find means to help your man if he shows  signs of weakness.

6. Act like a mother: You may see men as an authoritative and dominant, but deep inside of them, they are as soft as wool. Men need someone to pamper and pet them like babies, especially in the time of distress, if you can play this role as a woman, they will always see you as a mother, which means you have won their heart.

7. Don’t be aggressive in religion: Most women make mistakes by taking religion over their relationship, while some take their pastor or imam superior to their husband, in fact some ladies consider their religious leaders as gods while making their man look inferior. Women who do such things can not attract their man easily.

8. Do things in common: Have things to do together gives you more time to spend together as lovers. In the process, you develop and grow more feelings and share more knowledge, on the other hand it grows the level of friendship and love.

9. Increase intimacy: Be far more than husband and wife or boyfriends and girlfriends, instead, see yourself as best friends, create intimacy, your man will get attracted to you naturally. It will surely look like magic.

10. Collective reasoning: Among other ways on how to attract your man physically is to share knowledge and Ideas together. You both need to understand that  ‘no man is an island’ no one can know all things, so come together and share light on issues.

11. Give respect: Men love to be respected, it is in their DNA. Give them the respect they deserve and they will get attracted to you, give you the attention needed or give you back the respect. This only applies to responsible men.

12. Let him feel like a man: As a lady, no matter what you have, in terms of wealth, riches, fame or power your man is your god. Those things shouldn’t be your priority. Give them those feelings, submit to him and he will be attracted to you.

13. Full of surprises: It is not all the time a man has to surprise a woman, let surprise meet surprises. What I mean is that, even when he is coming to surprise, you should be prepared to surprise him as well. This should not happen on an occasion.

14. Don’t be too forward: It’s most irritating to men when their woman is too forward to things. If they do not call you to something, do not get involved, be reserved.

15. Be good at domestic: Most ladies will say they find it hard to do the domestic work at home. They rather call a house help or make. Taking their job is more important than their relationship. Knowing how to cook, wash and engaging in some other domestic things can really attract you to your man.

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