How Long To Wait For Proposal In 40s

Marriage is so frustrating these days, as choosing a life partner becomes so difficult,  most especially for women who want to know how long to wait for proposal in 40s.

As you wait for his proposer in 40s, take advantage of this opportunity to know more of him and build yourself.


Considering on how long to wait for proposal in 40s, while failing to get a marriage proposer too at 40s as a woman is more likely  a desperate stage in a woman’s life where everything does not really look right nor favourable. Most men claim not to be ready for marriage, and the few men who are ready are likely taken. It basically means such women are out of favour.

Do you see it that way ? Well, I don’t. I only say that because this is how every average thinker sees things. A woman or man getting married in their 40s isn’t a problem, where the challenge lies when getting married at this age but still do not have a healthy relationship.


Forbid An Unhealthy Marriage By Waiting For the Right Time

Forbid this kind of marriage, because it is better to stay single, while planning ahead, thinking of solutions to a better future, with the advantage of being independent to build a better career, be more resourceful and productive while at the same time learning to build a better home from people’s experiences as you hope for yours.


Men Knows When To Propose

Every man has their perfect time to settle down same as women. While many are aware of this time, others do not but end up being married due to personal challenges or situations; for instance, frustration from parents.

Let say for instance, a man who endurge in premarital sex affair before marriage can get a woman pregnant and may not want to be put to shame.

He would then call for a sudden unprepared marriage. Many of these marriages do not last. Because either one or both partners were not fully prepared to settle down.


Encouraging Your Men To Propose To You

Most responsible men know when to propose to a woman, but lack of preparation, decision making could delay marriage proposals, this could be a challenge for women who need to get engaged at their 40’s.

Sometimes, you as a woman need to take the responsibility to gear your man moral up, to gain the confidence to propose. But be mindful of how you do this, so  it wont look like you are forcing him on you. Don’t  pressurize him or give him conditions or ultimatum for marriage..

The problem with most men is that they are mostly scared of the gigantic responsibility before them, and most especially if they do not find the signs of compatibility in you.

One the other hand, a woman in her 40s should by now have most of the sorted qualities of a good woman to marry, in one way or the other a man will always checkmate these qualities in you versus any other alternatives he has at hand before he makes his choice.

Responsible men will try to prepare and wait for the right time to propose even when they know a woman is in her 40s. However, a good man who is ready to settle down in marriage would have had some plan ahead.


Take Away Note When Awaiting His Hand In Marriage

Age is a barrier to those who consider it to be, only determined and positive people do not see age as a barrier in marriage, which connotes to the fact that a woman can get married at any stage of her life. If she passes all qualities required to be a wife.



How Long To Wait For Him To Propose At My 40s

Wait as long as he shows quality signs of a man to marry. As you anticipate on how long to wait for proposal in 40s, take note of his commitment to the relationship, while you make use of this time to talk about sensitive things you need to know before he proposes.



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