9 Things To Keep In Mind When Starting a New Relationship

Expectations In A New Relationship

It’s a new relationship, there are things to keep in mind when starting a new relationship journey, of course our expectations are always on the high side when falling in love with a new person.

Keep in mind that starting a new relationship is easy, managing it is hard

In a new relationship there is a high tendency and tension of being adamant not to believe reality. Even when they tell you something is wrong, you won’t want to accept the fact because you are in love.

However, have it in mind that it won’t be easy as you are both meant to face both sides of a coin, I mean the good and bad side. You need to be prepared for the worse, the bad and ugly.

Things that look new can suddenly look ugly, Have it in mind that the person that told you how attractive you are today can come up with a different story tomorrow.

Have it in mind that nothing lasts forever, and you can be replaced at any time, this sounds harsh right? But believe me, it is the hard truth because true love is scarce.

What To Keep In Mind When Starting A New Relationship

1. You need to take responsibilities: If you do not know how to be responsible or take responsibilities, it is time to learn too because it is your duty and to keep your new relationship healthy is to take responsibilities. The success of a relationship depends on how you manage it.

2. You will have issues: Relationships are never smooth or straight forward, there must be issues which have to be resolved. Why? Because you are not the same, you can find a different home and background, your teachings are different, your dislikes and like can be the same, your level of intimacy isn’t matured enough to contain your flaws but with time, you will gradually get over it.

3. Nothing like perfection in a relationship: Have you ever admired people’s relationship and you feel your relationship should share the same experience of a perfect relationship as theirs? Well, there is nothing like perfection in a relationship, why you think those relationships look perfect is because they know how to balance their flaws. –

Relationships can not be perfect but can be balanced.

4. Relationship is an institution not a possession: Have in mind that you do not own anything in a relationship. Until you see every relationship good or bad you find yourself as a learning ground, until then you realise no one owns you a dine in a relationship. Relationship is an institution not a possession is something you have to keep in mind when starting a new relationship .

5. Every man for himself: Take it or leave it, another thing to keep in mind when starting a new relationship is not to commit your entire life on it because at the end, it is always a 50/50 chance, it is every man for himself things.

6. Your past will hurt: Yes, your past experience will hurt you when starting a new relationship but it is you right not to let it define you. You will always feel the recent person will do the same wrong, but that is not completely true in any sense. –

If you build on your past you will hurt your present

7. Face the harsh reality: Know if you are in a toxic relationship, a fruitless relationship will give you signs. Though the truth is hard to admit but it is important to stick to the trust just to be on a safe side. –

To be on a safe side is to first safe yourself.

8. Don’t fall for fling: Don’t waste your time on something that is never profitable. This is why you have to open your eyes to see what’s up. Most people are in a relationship just to pass time, only to their own advantage, at the end, you find yourself being a loser. It is important to quickly identify fling rules when starting a new relationship.

9. Take care of yourself and be happy: Take a moment and ask yourself this question. Why am I in a relationship? To find comfort, peace of mind, to be loved, feel secure and more? Well, the overall reason is to be happy. To be on a safer side, have it in mind that finding your own happiness before any other thing.

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