Why Guys Keep You As An Option And Not Take You Serious

Why Guys Don’t Take A Lady Serious

The reason why guys see a lady as an option and do not take you serious is primarily because you choose not to stop being an option.. Making yourself a priority can go a long way to stop guys from seeing you as an option but that could be a disaster if not done properly.

Guys will take you serious, until you stop seeing yourself as an option.

When a lady sees herself as a priority while the guy does not, then it is a sign that she is making a fool of herself. Though it is good to see oneself as a priority but it is better to let the man decide for himself.

How Does Guys Decide On Priority

A man as a guy is the alphas male, he is the dominant and has decisions to make, he takes his time to know what favours him and what not.

As a lady, seeing yourself as a priority can easily give a false sign to a man as he may think you are trying to be dominant, in charge or control while he has not finally made his own decision.

Men know what they want, so let them get it without you being involved.

These Are Major Reasons Why Guys Keep You As An Option

1. You can’t stop being available:  Most guys do not like ladies who get too much on their nerves. Though you may think you are not but you may. Being available is a good sign that you love your partner but when you fail to stop being too available can be a setback for a relationship.

2. You have no choice: You might have read one of our articles about why ladies failed to get married in their 30’s, failure to overcome this problem is one reason why guys keep you as an option. Being of this age is a desperate stage in a woman’s life.

There is an e-book on this coming soon… When men see a lady is frustrated and in desperate need of a man in her life, they take advantage of you and make you keep you as an option.

3. You are or he is a flirt: Someone who flex with opposite sex is a flirt, Though you may think you have nothing to do with men, but a man who is serious with his relationship will not take you serious nor a priority. On the other hand, if your man is a flirt but you aren’t, you should have it at the back of your mind that he is not a responsible person.

4. You do not meet his standard: Guys have taste and standard, you may fall short of this. It is best to know what your guy tastes and how you can blend into them if you want to stop being an option.

5. Failed good quality of a woman to marry: Most responsible and serious guys are all after good qualities of a woman to marry. They may say they aren’t ready for marriage but deep inside of them, they are monitoring and checking these qualities. If you do not have them, learn some.

6. You act as an option not a priority: Perhaps you have not been in the right position. When you act as an option people will take you for granted. Acting like an option is a sign that you are an option. These are the signs you are an option, you aren’t confident enough, you aren’t free, you see yourself inferior and more.

7. You are not exposed: One thing is to grow of age, another thing is to be matured. Maturity is not by age but how exposed and experienced you are. Guys will see you as an option if you aren’t matured enough.

8. Because you are not educated enough: Having a first class degree in the best school does not mean you are educated, you can be an illiterate and still be educated. Going to school does not mean you meet with the quality a good person can have, you need to learn from the outside world and see things in a better view.

9. You feel Low Self Esteem: Ladies who feel inferior around a man are always taken advantage of. Don’t feel inferior or low self esteem around you man, he will always think he can override you.

10. You are a jealous type: Jealousy can make guys keep you as an option, if you are too jealous, it could lead to embarrassment and public assault, it is best to stop being jealous if you want him to keep you as a priority.

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