How To Save Your Relationship From Falling Apart

Sometimes we do so much to save our relationship, make so much sacrifice but still find their relationship falling apart.

Relationship is like a pendulum, sometimes it flips left, right and at times loses it balance. You have to pay attention to details to save your relationship.

After a relationship might have fallen apart, we question ourselves about our misfortune, some become an enemy to themselves for making the wrong decision.  

Have I not tried enough, where have I gotten it wrong, why me? These are questions that can not be taken away from someone who just lost a relationship. These questions can help, unfortunately, the truth is always ignored.

No matter how we try, yet we see relationships who aren’t better than others. We then wonder how are they doing much better and surviving like it wasn’t that same relationship we both had.

How Relationship Becomes A Disaster

People who have once encountered the disaster of a broken relationship would not pray for another, and others who haven’t tasted this side of life should try as much as possible to keep their relationship fresh and stay alive.

Broken Relationship Beyond Our Knowledge

It is not that you aren’t doing enough but sometimes the mystery of life is beyond our knowledge. Sometimes, saving a relationship or experiencing a relationship falling apart are not by our effort, it is beyond our control and knowledge.

What people fail to understand is that sometimes relationships take grace, while you wonder why your relationship does not encounter such grace, it may just be that the relationship isn’t meant for you as nature tries to find you a better place.

But you know what, most people do not see it this way, as they keep questioning the unquestionable. Questioning God for a failed relationship will never provide you a solution but rather leave you to ponder on your ignorance.

While we think God treats us badly, it most times appears that He is actually preparing something better in disguise. The tragic part is that it may look confusing and frustrating but somehow something better awaits us.

Back to the topic on how do you save your relationship from falling apart:

We do not need to talk too much on how to save a relationship, as there are thousands of ways to save a relationship from break up, yet it is proven that almost the same people repeatedly find ways to save their relationship time to time.

There are several ways to save a relationship from falling apart, you may have read some, yet you feel it isn’t enough to save your relationship from falling apart

Here we shall give you a proven way to make your relationship last longer.

How To Save Your Relationship

To make your relationship last longer is simple. Give space, adapt, obey, respect each other’s authority, give room for privacy, start something new, visit and learn from what couldn’t save you from a past heart break.

To save your relationship is to accept the current situation, adjust, adapt, pay attention to detail from past present relationship experience.

Why most relationships do not last is because most people fail to pay attention to sensitive things in a relationship, instead they focus more on their wants but forget about what the relationship actually needs to survive.

Relationship is like a pendulum, sometimes it flips left, right and at times loses it balance. You have to pay attention to details to save your relationship.

When it flips right, it is your right to know why it moves in that direction, when it flips left, don’t put blame but look for the cause of its action, when it does both it is your responsibility to find a way to balance it. If not, it falls apart.

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