How To Handle a Cheating Wife Without a Divorce

How To Solve Extra Marital Affairs

Having an extra marital affair is one of the difficult problems to avoid in marriage. Take it or not, either a husband or wife or both can become a victim of cheating in marriage, when this happens, it is best to know how to catch a cheating wife and how to handle a cheating wife.

Do not start with a fight or call for a divorce. To handle a cheating wife is to first give her a listening ear.

When this happens, a fight will never solve the problem nor a divorce will make things come back the way it was. The first thing that comes to most men’s mind after catching a wife cheating is to plan for a divorce, while another loving husband filled with understanding will find it easier to handle a cheating wife without a divorce. Because a divorce nor a fight will not get a relationship back to how it was.

Just like a wife handling a cheating husband without a fight and then bringing back their marriage to life. A wise woman will know that a fight will never change a cheating man, but using these tricks can handle a cheating husband perfectly and also brings the relationship back on track without a fight or calling for divorce.

The Truth About Cheating In Marriage

Most marriages are broken due to extra marital affairs from the husband, wife or both. When a partner finds out that one of them cheated, they fleer up, then call for a fight or divorce.

But will that really solve the problem? Not so, Anyone can become a victim of cheating either consciously or not and loving couples who value their marriage but find their relationship mesmerized will find ways to resolve issues rather than calling for a divorce.

Truth be told, anyone or marriage can be vulnerable and catch in the act of cheating. No wife will want to see a random lady trying to destroy her marriage and then ignore, nor will any man find his wife cheating without getting upset, angry or call for a divorce.

It is natural violence take place when cheating in the act of cheating, but taking vengeance into your own hands will cause more problems than resolving the issue.

You may say you do not want the issue to be resolved, but for a good and healthy marriage, when we look back and see how much effort we have put in to build our relationship, a good person who caught partner cheating will always find room for forgiveness, then find other ways to resolve the problem.

Cheating can happen in any relationship, which has a potential start right from dating, courtship until it comes into marriage. Most people avoid the trust to know a signs toxic relationship at the early stage that is why most couples find themselves in a problematic relationship.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife

When a wife is having an extra marital affair, it becomes a disaster to the marriage. It may mean that the husband isn’t competent enough or at some point lost the value of purpose in a relationship. 

However there are cheating wives who enjoy cheating, not because conditions warrant them to cheat, nor because they are addicted to sex due to high libido or huge for sex neither is it because their men are not sexually active enough, but simply because they just want to or find pleasure in cheating.

How to catch a cheating wife

There are ways to catch a cheating wife no matter how she pretends or convinces you that she is not cheating on you.

  1. She starts keeping some privacy: A cheating wife will start keeping some privacy, you should notice some changes in terms of privacy, she will most times want to be alone by herself, she will want to go out on her own without you accompanying her, which might not be her way of life before. 
  2. Check if she is over sensitive: Another trick to take note of a cheating wife is that she starts to become over sensitive and as well over reactive to simple things, she will not want anything to get in her way or distract her.
  3. Monitor occasional outings: If she is a type who does not like outings or not an outgoing person but suddenly develops interest or finds pleasure in going out for fun or occasions, mostly on her own, then you should be warry that something might be fishing. 
  4. Loss of attention: If your woman is the kind of person who likes you to give her the maximum attention but suddenly she starts declining or stops asking you for it, or ignoring your presence, keep in mind that there could be something suspicious going on in the backend.
  5. Track her phone: This is one way to get a woman to cheat. When a wife suddenly finds her phone more valuable than her relationship, then there is a problem. When she keeps protecting her phone and takes her phone away from you, you should be curious to know what is happening. However, there are some cheating wives who are smarter than this, they will keep the conversation clean by deleting these messages. The best way to catch a cheating wife by phone is to track her phone and clone her app messengers. Please do not attempt to do this if you do not have a strong heart.
  6. Notice if she always brings up a fight: A wife who is cheating on her husband will at one point find her husband less attractive and offensive, while she finds her cheat to be welcoming and romantic. Since she finds you less attractive, you become a distraction and she will always feel less comfortable with you. Sadly, the only way to get over this is to bring up a fight.

How to handle a cheating wife

  1. Give your wife a listening ear
  2. Know your wife
  3. Understand her body language
  4. Don’t pick up a fight/Divorce
  5. Understand the cause
  6. Understand sexual urge
  7. Respect your wife opinion
  8. Don’t every deprive her of sex

Know your wife: How well do you know your wife? Most people do not take their time to know at which length their partner could go, because your lover is calm does not mean they can be dangerous.

Give your wife a listening ear: It all depends on how you understand communication. As a husband, always make sure you give listening ears to your wife, always try and hear her out.

Understand her body language: Body language can say a thousand words without speaking. Most men do not pay attention to this. Sometimes your wife does not have to speak before you understand her needs.

Partners who cheat in marriage might have been cheating while in courtship but many do not pay attention to this. While others who start an extra marital affair in marriage may engage in this act because their partner does not pay attention.

Don’t pick up a fight/Divorce: Just as picking up a fight will never help a woman to get marriage back on track after catching a cheating husband. The same thing applies to a man. Handling a cheating wife shouldn’t call for a divorce. You can get angry but do not fight your wife instead let it be clear to you why she did so.

Understand the cause: To handle a cheating wife is to know the cause for the action. Never call for a divorce if you notice or because your wife cheated on you. As a man you have the responsibility to make your findings before coming into conclusion. There must be a cause before an effect takes place, first understand why your wife did it.

There are many things, which we are ignorant of, and even when we are called to attention it is always difficult to change. Perhaps, our lover may have called our attention and called us to notice but somehow we pay deaf ears. Since marriage is an institution, a husband must always observe his marriage.

Understand sexual urge: So many couples fail at knowing their partners sexual urge. Our body is different in reacting to sex. You might be good in bed but your partner may not and vise versa. This can result in cheating. A high libido can always be sex active, do you know if your partner has a high taste for sex? This is how to know partner with high urge for sex according to aasect.

Respect your wife’s opinion: To handle a cheating wife is to first give her the attention and always respect your wife’s opinion, no matter how little it is, always try to hear her out, before things get out of hands. Know her thoughts and opinion and make sure to let her know that her opinion counts.

Don’t every deprive her of sex: Some men will ague that one of the ways to punish wife is to deprive her of sex. If you are a husband who buys this ideology then you are the cause of your wife’s mistakes. Depriving your wife from her right is not a way to handle a cheating wife.

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