How To Stop Being Sad In a Relationship

Sadness An Emotional Upset In a Relationship

Sadness is an emotional upset, it is as a result of change in mood, can also be called mood swing; which is never productive. Not everyone can live with a partner who is always being sad. Failure to stop being sad can completely destroy a relationship.

Anybody can feel sad, it is part of change in human behaviour, anyone can experience emotional upset but letting sadness take over a relationship isn’t the best way to keep a healthy relationship. Most times, being sad creates more problems in a relationship than the cause of sadness.

Cause Of Emotional Upset In a Relationship

Without doubt, emotional upset is one of the major factors that kills relationships. Majorly a change in mood, which could be as a result of lack in confidence, infidelity, feeling insecure, trust issues, cheating and unfaithfulness, inferiority complex, failure in expectation and many more.

Effect Of Being Sad In a Relationship

Sadness is a sudden change in mood, putting the mind in a restless state, it could easily turn into aggression, panic, grief, shock, and other emotional disorderliness.

These effects of sadness in a relationship can not be contained, managed nor be accommodated by many people in a relationship no matter how much they calm to love us.

How to get rid of sadness in a relationship is simply by

1. Create intimacy

2. Partners compatibility

3. Relationship a training ground

4. Go after vision

5. Not everyone is for you

6. Don’t fall for flirt

7. Believe in change

8. Nothing is perfect

9. Create room for disappointment

10. Mind your business

11. Don’t dwell on your past relationship experience

1. Create Intimacy: A relationship built on intimacy creates more happiness than sadness. Be with a partner who you can call a friend, brother or sister, father or mother, teacher, mentor and a lover. Not a person who you call lord, who you look inferior too with little or no value, but a partner you can call your best friend, a lover who understands gender equality. One of the major ways to stop being sad in a relationship is not to fall into a master and slave relationship according to encyclopedia where you can not have a say, where your voice can’t be heard.

2. Partners Compatibility: So many people are deep into a relationship without realizing their compatibility and differences. After so many years in courtship, most lovers focus on their wants and ignore their needs, they then realise their mistakes in marriage. Before engaging in a relationship with the mindset of getting married, there is a need to know how compatible you are with your partner. There should be qualities you will surely want your partner to possess as a man or woman in a relationship, these are the things you need to focus on to have a healthy relationship afterwards. To stop being sad in a relationship, is to know if you are in a toxic relationship or not.

3. Relationship is a training ground: Relationship is a training ground. Relationships should not be your top most priority. One thing we should always keep in mind to stop being sad in a relationship is that dating, courtship and marriage are stages in a relationship that teaches endlessly, both in an easy and hard way.

To stop being sad in a relationship is to understand that no relationship is your top most priority,

4. Go after vision: Dating a partner with no related vision is a waste of time, you may not realise this now until you get married. Vision is what keeps everyone hungering more for success, when you are in a relationship or partner with a dead vision there is no way to stop being sad.

5. Not everyone is for you: Only few people realise this as well, Because you love someone today or because you are both in a smooth, fair and happy relationship today does not mean things can not take a different turn tomorrow. Everyone can not be for you, they may come into our lives just to teach us some lessons and make us gain some experience in an easy or hard way, ours is to learn from it.

6. Don’t fall for flirt: Most lovers encounter sudden heartbreaks because they later realize they are in a fling relationship with a flirt, while others who know their partner is a flirt from the start of a relationship try to manage because they are in love. Fact remains that you can never get over being sad if you are in a relationship with a flirt, because they are likely not to give you the total attention you deserve.

7. Believe in change: Having a good mindset towards your relationship is healthy and great, it shields relationships as well. But at the back of your mind be rest assured that nothing is permanent and everything in life is subjected to change. Anything that gives you happiness may change in a matter of time, so always subject your reasoning to a second thought, that anything can happen, be it to your favour or against.

8. Nothing is perfect: To stop being sad in a relationship is to have a mindset that nothing is perfect. As humans, we are bound to face the good and the bad side of life which applies to relationships. Everything can’t be rosy all the time.

9. Create room for disappointment: If you can believe in imperfection then, create room for disappointment, this will help get rid of being sad in a relationship because you are alert and aware before it happens.

10. Mind your business: Try to always overlook things, know what is necessary and ignore what is not. Face what adds value to you and make yourself happy than intruding in other things that will hurt you.

Remember “The more you know the more you get hurt, the more you understand the more you suffer”

Be mindful of what you want to know, and if you are determined to know then be prepared to face the consequence that comes afterwards.

11. Don’t dwell on past experience: To stop being sad is to let go of past experience and focus on your new relationship while you find your happiness. Life is short, dwelling on your past experience can make it shorter. Your past is left in the past, make your future meaningful.

How to stop being sad in a relationship

To stop being sad is to know you are in a relationship to learn, build an adaptable mindset to both sadness and happiness, to improve yourself not to perfection, but to endlessly gain experience for a lifetime.

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