How To Stop Complaining In a Relationship

The Process To Stop Complaining

Complaints in a relationship reduces the juice link in a relationship, it depreciates relationship values, creates more problems and could go as far as breaking up a relationship, the best bet to keep a relationship value is to stop complaining.

A person who complains in a relationship will surely complain about life, if one can stop complaining about life, it is easier to stop complaining in a relationship.

Complaining reduces a relationship juice and complicate things instead of solving problems.

Relationships become frustrating, less attractive, unromantic, less communicative, breaks bond and intimacy, boring and complicated if one or both partners are fond of complaining.

Perhaps you may have observed or experienced some of these effects of complaints in your relationship, it is important to put away complain before it ruins everything you have some much work for.

Being a complainant does not help a relationship but complicates issues and causes more confusion than solutions we think it can provide.

How to stop complaining in a relationship

To stop complaining in a relationship requires letting go of past relationship experience, overlook things, stop being temperamental, mind your business, overcome trust issues, stop being anxious and bothered, lay down rules, be principled, have a good communication skill, understand individual differences, stop being perfect

  1. Overlook

There is no way issues will not come up in a relationship, this will drive in complaints. It is natural to complain in a relationship but complaining over everything makes it hard to find a solution. Sometimes we do not have to exchange words or complain about everything we just need to overlook them.

2. Temperament

One major thing that makes relationships tiring, frustrating and boring is temperament. A temperamental person will always complain about everything, a temperamental person does not always find things conducive or right, they are likely to find fault in almost everything because they easily switch mood, resulting in mood swing.

A temperamental person can love something now and hate it the next minute. It is important to stop temperament to avoid being a complaint, if you have a partner who is temperamental, knowing the ways to handle a temperamental person helps reduce complaints in a relationship.

3. Mind your business

It is not everything you have to get involved or react to, learn to avoid, overlook things and mind your business. There are some things you just need to ignore or let go of just to make peace rain.

4. Trust Issue

If your partner trusts you, do the same in giving back trust to your partner. Trust issues play a negative role in a relationship, you feel insecure and unsatisfied, it also introduces jealousy. If you know the effects of trust issues in a relationship, you can stop being a complainer.

5. Stop being too anxious

Being too eager to know everything and anxiety can easily make a person become a complainer. It is natural to be anxious but being too anxious affects relationships.

6. Less bothered

Do you care a lot about your relationship or your partner, do you have so much in mind for your relationship or you wish your relationship should have some qualities or should have achieved more but you aren’t getting what you hoped for.

When you put so many things in mind, it becomes a burden to you, when you do not have ways to solve them you automatically start complaining about almost everything. Being less bothered about things can stop you from complaining.

7. Lay down rules

Sometimes, the reason why we complain so much in a relationship is because we aren’t satisfied with what we are experiencing. When partners aren’t moving in the right direction as expected we are bound to lay complaints. The best practice to stop complaining in a relationship is to lay down rules which both parties must agree on.

8. Be disciplined

Stand on your words, let your yes be yes and no be no. Let your partner know when you are serious or joking. When you are not disciplined to this level, it is easier for people to get on your nerves.

9. Have a good communication skill

Sometimes the reason why we complain so much is because we fail at good communication skill, learn to speak less and listen more, Complaining make you talk more and speak less, do the opposite, by first try to understand what your partner is driving at before you speak, with this you can get over complaining in a relationship.

10. Understand individual differences

There are things that you like but your partner doesn’t, there are things that you’d love to have but your partner may have no interest in them. These are individual differences that need to be understood by both partners to avoid complaining.

11. Stop being perfect

Most people complain because they feel things can be perfected. We need to understand that nothing is perfect but God. Looking for perfection is just like looking for a needle in the dark, you will search and never find it. You can not make a relationship perfect but you can always find a balance to it 

12. Past relationship experience

What you may have experienced in your past relationship could be that which has made you become what you are. Your past is left to the past only if you hold on to it. No matter what challenges you might have faced in your past relationship, it is important to let go of it to give your new relationship a better meaning.

13. Be appreciative

Instead of complaining, why don’t you do more to appreciate the little effort your partner may have put into the relationship. Saying thank you can make a great difference than complaining.

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