How To Stop Being Selfish In a Relationship

Problem In Being Self Centered In a Relationship

Relationships are most likely to break up easily when lovers are after their own interest rather than general interest. A relationship found to be self centered does not last, there is a need to stop being selfish in a relationship.

You feel taking what is yours and what should be for somebody else is a good deal, or wish you should have everything that your partner should have or worked for, do you feel more like a receiver than a giver, or never satisfied with what you have? This is an act of being selfish which needs to be stopped immediately if you do not want to ruin your relationship.

If a person values his or her relationship, there is a need to stop being self centered.

Noticed signs of greed, less altruism, lacks consideration for a partner, less content in a relationship? This is as a result of being self centered and selfish in a relationship which needs to be stopped.

When relationship isn’t working as planned, your partner is ignoring or avoiding you, or you feel your relationship is about to be in mess due to being self centered. There are no two ways around it than to stop being selfish.

Act Of Being Selfish In a Relationship

Trying to favour oneself than the other is an act of self love, a partner with this attitude will never be content with what is shared in a relationship.

Being selfish in a relationship is like finding your own happiness without being concerned or feeling remorse for your partner, with or without guilty conscience, all that matters to a self centered person is to have everything they desire.

General Mistake Made By Being Selfish

One major mistake selfish people end up making is that they forget that we can not have everything we desire and even if we are chanced to have all the things we want in life; we can not keep them, but end up losing all.

How To Stop Being Self Centered In A Relationship

1. Show True love: True love is as a result of Altruism; without true love a relationship can not have its true meaning. To stop being selfish in a relationship needs an in-depth kind of love that is unshakable and breakable. If you truly love your partner you will always want the best for them, even when it affects you.

2. Be impressive: This is an act of creating a form of awareness in a relationship, by trying to do better things that will impress your partner. Someone who wants to impress will always do things out of inconvenience to satisfy their partners. This is a great way to stop being selfish, before you know it, you are literally becoming a giver than a receiver.

3. Learn from mistakes: Pay attention to corrections and learn from mistakes, be it that you are being told or you realise it. A good learner who is eager to listen to correction can get rid of selfishness in no time.

4. Find your partners happiness: finding happiness in a relationship requires some effect, as many relationships are based on individual and personal interest rather than general interest. This results in a selfish act in the relationship. To stop being selfish in a relationship is to find means to make your partner happy. Let your partners joy be your joy and pain be your pain.

5. Be submissive: Many people who are selfish and self centered are likely to be rude and arrogant to their partner. To stop being selfish is to be submissive to your relationship regardless of gender difference which causes issues in relationships.

6. Be committed: A relationship where partners know it has no future will become a cat and rat race, everybody wants the relationship to end up well in their favour, no one is willing to lose or give anything out cheaply. This is most likely to happen in fling relationship. Relationships of this kind will never put a stop to being selfish in a relationship.

7. Loyalty and respect: Give respect and be respectedthis is the motto to have a good relationship affair with our lover. The more loyal and respectful you are, the better chance you have to stop being selfish and self centered. Also the more respect your partner gives to you the better chance you have to stop being selfish.

8. Pity and sympathy: Showing mercy is a sign of pity for a person, sympathy can easily put off a selfish person to become a giver. If you do not know how to pity others and show mercy, it will be very difficult to stop being selfish.

9. Fear God: The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, the love of God in your heart is the love of man. When you love God wholehearted  you will sure show love to the people around you. How connected you are to the God you serve has a great way it affects your personal life. The love of God is a natural way to stop being selfish without doubt.

How to stop being selfish in a relationship

To stop being selfish in a relationship is simply by showing true love to a partner, be impressive by doing things out of inconveniency, don’t be self centered, learn from mistakes, find your partners happiness, be submissive, be committed, give some respect, show pity and sympathy, fear God.

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