Dishonesty And Effect Of lying In A Relationship

Dishonesty In A Relationship

Dishonesty is a negative energy that makes a person act without being honest, not being truthful, cheating, misconduct, mistrust and lying in a relationship. 

Lying in a relationship hurts and is poisonous to relationships. The consequence of lying in a relationship is suicide, to safe your partner is to avoid dishonesty.

To safe your partner from suicide is to avoid dishonesty in a relationship

There is no perfect relationship or marriage, neither is there a relationship without no flaws, but dishonesty shouldn’t be encouraged. Lying in a relationship is like building a relationship on a sinking sand, which leads to destruction.

Being honest is an act of trustworthiness, faithfulness, loyalty and a sign of true love but only few can keep to this.

Why Honesty Matters In Relationship

Honesty makes a person morally upright with a good standard of living, it commands respect and dignity, it enhances feelings and creates a strong bond in a relationship.

Dishonesty is the worst lie in a relationship, it promotes selfishness, cheating and mistrust. Effect of dishonesty in a relationship can lead to restlessness, depression and worse of all suicide.

As lovers you shouldn’t build your relationship on dishonesty, it is just like building a house on a sinking sand. It has no future, no promise

Psychologically, dishonesty is an act of punishing a partner who has built a mutual trust. Lying does not help a relationship but hurts. People who lie surely keep secrets away from their partners.

Some people have taken lying as a profession, especially in the act of cheating against their partners. They find it pleasant and enjoyable, while they are comfortable destroying other people’s future and wasting their time with their misleading way of life.

Effect Of Dishonesty In Relationship

Whether lying deliberately, dishonesty at the beginning of a relationship just to gain people’s trust and lying about small things. Dishonesty hurts and is poisonous to relationships.

However, before people keep up with lying, they should know that people who lie are unproductive and at the same time cause a lot of damage to other people who believe in them.

1. Time waster

Dishonesty in a relationship results in lying which is a time waster, Lying to a person who puts so much trust and hope in us is equivalent to self destruction, people who trust us keep on hoping until precious time is passed without gaining a thing.

2. Memories Of The Past

Lying leaves unforgettable memories in the lives of victims who face dishonesty in a relationship, these memories could cause severe self damage and can make a person completely go insane.

3. False Impressions

A person who is lied to is most likely not to find truth or trust in people. Depending on how severe they fall victim to dishonesty in a relationship, they are always in shock and will never want to believe in people even when they sense the truth.

4. Trust Issues

One of the greatest effects of dishonesty is trust issues, a person who has been heart broken due to lies in past relationships will always find it hard to believe in people even when the trust is proven in their present relationship. Handling a partner with trust issues rightly can help fix dishonesty.

5. Depression

People who encounter dishonesty in a relationship are always depressed, as lying can do a lot of damage than good, leading to mood swings, sickness, mental illness and disorderliness.

6. Wrong path

One worse side effect of lying is that it can easily change and influence an honest person to become a dishonest person. When hurt, most people find it hard to see reasons in doing good or being truthful, faithful, cheating, instead many people become mean, violent and try all means to punish innocent people who come their way.

7. Lose of interest

Irritation is another effect of dishonesty in a relationship, people who are victims are most likely to have loss of interest in a new relationship, it is hard for such a person to get back on track after such trauma.

8. Aggression

When you meet a partner who is always aggressive, it could be as a result of dishonesty in their previous relationship affair. They get angry at anything out of annoyance.

9. Insecure

Feeling insecure can be as a result of dishonesty, people who feel insecure are always alerted so not be disappointed again. An insecure person may lose a beautiful relationship. Putting a stop to being insecure gives your relationship a new meaning.

10. Frustration

Anyone who is a victim of dishonesty in a relationship is likely to face stress and trauma overtime, simple things can easily get on their nerves, and can turn slight issues into a bigger problem.

11. Suicide

Lying has cost so many lives as dishonesty in a relationship has made so many people lose their mind, lost hope, made them think of nothing else than to take their own life. Dishonesty is disappointment, an act of betrayer. Lying makes people feel like fools.

Fixing A Relationship After Lying

Dishonesty can turn a person into a completely different being, from a lovely  person to a totally different twist being. Lying can damage a person personality, even cause physical and mental deformities and worse of all lead to suicide.

  1. Confession

Call your partner into awareness and tell them the trust without hiding anything that can later implicate the situation the more.

2. Forgiveness

Ask for forgiveness, be sure your partner speaks out their mind after realizing your act of dishonesty.

3. Make Up Your Mind

Make up your mind to stop lying, dishonesty is attached to emotions, feelings, trust, level of faithfulness and true love for your partner.

4. Second Chance

Ask for a second chance, everybody deserves a second chance no matter the issue or mistakes. Here is why you deserve a second chance after your act of dishonesty in a relationship.

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