Perfect Time To Say Yes I Do When Proposed To and Things To Consider

 When To Say Yes If Proposed To


Marriage is long lasting, relationship is everlasting. Dating and courtship are both relationship journeys that lead to marriage, both are also a time to prepare yourself for the long lasting life project.

Rejecting a man's proposer should be a difficult thing to do if the man does not meet up to your standard.

Rejecting a man’s proposer should be a difficult thing to do if the man does not meet up to your standard.

Accepting his hand in marriage is good if you find what you truly need in him. It’s show that you have done your assignment well enough in courtship. 

If a person fails to understand the purpose of dating and the essence of courtship, such person has a very high tendency to fail in marriage.


This is the reason why a person has to prepare his/herself well enough, gain both good and bad experiences, learn to forgive themselves of past relationship mistakes.

Know how to move on with life even at the difficult times, learn to consistently upgrade and learn new trending things in marriage  and also erase some of the old mindset about relationship, carry your partner along on everything related to relationship  if neccessary and then do not compare your relationship with others.


One of the major reason why people fail in marriage is because they do not take note, understand or may have misuse the precious time they had while dating and during courtship.


Most people do think a relationship is a joke, especially when it has a futuristic purpose which is to settle down for marriage. 

Many young adults out there do not know how important courtship is in safeguarding a successful marriage.


After wasting so much time in courtship at their tender age, when they can learn things that could help them grow their marriage.

Many focus more on the fantasy in dating, catching cruise, having fun, as they ignore taking their relationship serious, they do not understand that


in every step in relationship either good or bad, it is a plus one experience and a lesson learnt, the only way to make a successful marriage is to forgive and learn from those past experiences and mistakes


How you build yourself in dating and courtship give you the right insight and perfect timing to say yes I do to a man who propose to you. This determines how well you can manage your marriage.


Most marriages fail because partners have already failed at the start of their relationship journey, the situation gets worse the moment they say I do to the wrong partner at the wrong time.



You can not eat your cake yet have it, if you fail to understanding that life is a lesson and every day is a lesson learnt with new experiences.

That you have to keep learning from both good and the ugly side of life, and as well forgive yourself for your mistakes to become better at what you do.


This also applies to relationships, life teaches the hard way, you do not have to complain or blame yourself most especially when you feel you are doing the right thing to get the best out of your relationship with your partner.


In as much you are doing the right thing, you should understand that you are as well building yourself for a future. 

Most people who do not have a future in marriage that do not feel concerned about every step they take in life or take note of why relationship fails repeatedly.



Have you had a good talk with your partner, if yes how sensitive is it, how much does it correlate to approving your spouse proposal. 

Perhaps the simple question to ask yourself as a lady is how soon is too soon to say I do. Finding a good answer to this gives you an upper edge and confidence to determine and decide the perfect time to say I do



Courtship Question Before Saying Yes


Before you say I do or accept his proposer, it is important to weigh how compatible you are with your spouse while courting. 

So many marriages fail at the inception because they aren’t compatible at first, most people do not really notice this at first because they haven’t spent much time together.


It could be that while one is faithful and truthful in a relationship, the other is a pretender and a cheat with other cony attitude hiding away from their partner during courtship.


You have a lot of time and right during courtship to talk about things that could help and as well  damage your marriage.

The world has shifted so much away from talking about individual likes and dislikes, hobbies and all, to know the perfect time to say yes. 

To keep a good marriage, it is important to talk about the basic sensitive things in a relationship before saying I do.


Before a man asks your hand in marriage, he desires to know the qualities of a good woman which you need to possess.

He takes his time to know much more about you and even more than you know yourself, he could go as far as tracking you back as 20 years before he met you.


A good man who knows how vital and fragile marriage is will do whatever it takes to know the kind of woman he is getting married to. 

People may see it as joblessness but he sees it as his own responsibility, you as a lady also need to see this as a responsibility before accepting a man’s hand in marriage.

These are several ways to keep a futuristic healthy marriage and family before saying YES to a man who propose to you.



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