How To Stop Being An Option And Make Yourself a Priority In Relationship

How To Make Yourself a Priority In Relationship


Relationships are met to make people happy and not become a problem, a relationship filled with love and intimacy where each person has equal right to  question and be questioned, to argue and resolve amicably, to make decisions and reverse them.


To stop being an option in relationship is to stop seeing yourself as an option but a priority

Where everyone is entitled to love and be loved unconditionally. If you have in some ways found yourself not enjoying any of these benefits then there is a problem.


No one is a slave in a relationship, and being a principled person does not mean others are not entitled to their own opinion and right. No one is a boss, this is not an office but a relationship for crying out loud.


If you can not find peace or enjoy a good time in your relationship, try to create awareness and make your partner understand, if it can not be fixed, it is best to move out of such a relationship, it is called a relationship not a refugee camp.




1. Intimacy: Have a partner that is so close to you that is so free to do anything, I mean anything naughty without getting on his/her nerves such a thing you should work towards when looking for good qualities in a man or woman.


2. Be best friends: The best relationship is a relationship bound by friendship, dating a person who you can be a best friend will never see you as an option instead they see you as a priority in their life because you are so connected to be part of their existence.


3. Good offer: You can just be in a relationship without having something tangible or meaning to offer your partner. Learn not to be a burden to others especially in relationships. The more you become a burden the more you become less important which could make you lose value, making your partner see you as an option.


4. Add Value: Relationships are not about money alone when trying to add value to a relationship, you can be so important that your partner may not be able to do without you even when you do not have a penny. Like being a good adviser, have good words of encouragement, be part of your partners success story and many more.


5. Authority: Every gender in a relationship should have equal rights to things, but that does not mean a lady should ignore that fact that the man is the superior and needs to be respected. However, because a man seems to be superior does not mean he should make his wife a slave. 

Both partners can be authoritative, be decisive and entitled to opinion. If you can gain your authority in a relationship regardless of your gender, you are more of a priority than you being an option.


6. Respect: There is a great value in being respectful and giving respect back in return. A relationship that is grounded on respect has a great tendency of success. When your partner respects you, he/she will never see you as an option.


7. Be strict: sometimes being simple will not work, some people do not like someone being simple, they will always try to take advantage of you and then do things that will not help the relationship by seeing you as an option, being strict at times gives a relationship a spark of priority and respect.


8. Independent: Let your lover know you can do things on your own without asking. While he claims to be a priority to you, you can also be a priority to him as well,


9. Don’t be a burden: You can not do this if you do not have a good source of income that can take good care of you. This might mean that you need to get a good job or do something that can get you your needs without asking.


10. Privacy: Give yourself space even when your partner does not ask for it, shocking yourself at all times will not stop you from being an option, you need to give yourself some privacy. So you can miss yourself a bit, this helps relationships in a great way.


How to be a priority an not an option in a relationship


To stop being an option in relationship is to stop seeing yourself as an option, rather create Intimacy, best friend, offer something good, add value, authority, respect, strict, independence, don’t be a burden, give room for privacy



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