16 Things You Learn In a Good Relationship That Builds A Better Relationship Experience

Better Relationship Experience:

Good relationships are rare and not every relationship you learn something good from, however if you find yourself in a good relationship utilize it by building a good reputation around it, and try as much as possible not to lose such relationship.  

Learning the right things builds a good relationship experience.

Things You Learn In a Good Relationship 

A good relationship is an imperfect relationship with great values, a relationship you can be proud of and be confident to protect at any time. A good relationship is futuristic and not a fling relationship.

A good relationship estimate its values, when a relationship isn’t productive, encouraging, motivating and without progress, such relationships should not be counted as a good relationship.

Values that determines a good relationship and things you can learn from:
1. Argument: Misunderstand is one of the major reasons why relationships fail, and could be that which can make a relationship stronger. Misunderstand can easily lead to argument, which is not good for a relationship, but to learn; you have to sometimes learn the hard way, resolving issues in relationship amicably is a good part of a relationship which both partners need to learn another thing you can learn from a good relationship is to know how to control temperaments and resolve issues.
2. Protection: A relationship that you do not feel secure or feel protected isn’t a relationship you can learn from. Security in relationships is important. It is important to always protect your relationship, the good thing to learn from it is that you will be confident to protect your family and your family will be confident of you as well. Securing a relationship isn’t the job of a man alone but for both partners learning to work hand in hand to keep the relationship safe.
3. Honesty: This is a part of relationship partners find so hard to keep, being honest is one thing that has to be learnt, it shows a sign of a good relationship, honesty is more like being truthful to a person which is one way to keep a relationship healthy.
4. Respect: Giving respect and taking respect is a way to keep a relationship safe, argument free and healthy, respect is reciprocal. This has to be consistent between partners, by giving respect to those who deserve to be respected.
5. Friendliness: It is best to date someone who you can call your best friend, dating someone who is authoritative is not good for a relationship. We have passed the stage where a man stands authoritative and a woman looks inferior, relationship is for two not one.
6. Privacy: Many lovers may consider having a private life in a relationship secretive but may not be so. Getting to know your partner better could determine if you have to free them to have a bit of privacy. Knowing why privacy is and why is not important is a good way to learn for a relationship.
7. Humble: Being humble is a sign of kindness which is a good thing to learn from a relationship, like learning to say thank you, not being rude, reaching out and helping others, not taking people for granted, staying away from pride, expecting nothing in return and much more are ways to stay humble. This is a good thing to learn from a productive relationship.
8. Submissiveness: If pride gets into you, it breaks a healthy relationship, be it the man or woman in a relationship, learn to be submissive to each other, and most importantly. As women, remember men are always the head no matter how small he may be, respect them and be submissive. This may not help alone in your relationship, it could go a long way outside of your relationship as well.
9. Keeping Grudges: Issues will come up but learn not to keep grudges between yourself, fight, have misunderstanding, yell at each other but let it be for the moment, learn to resolve it out immediately, this makes a good relationship.
10. Good communication skills: Communicating without making it result In argument is a good thing to learn in a relationship. Take note of your communication skill and if you observe it not good enough, learn to improve your communication skills overtime.
11. Loyalty: Loyalty and respect are interwoven, to keep a good relationship is to learn how to remain loyal to the person you claim to love. There is no gender inequality or discrimination to being loyal in relationship, a man can stay loyal to his wife and wife to her man.
12. Joint growth: A relationship that shows signs of growth is a good relationship you can learn from. The growth of a relationship is a combined teamwork from both partners. A joint growth relationship is futuristic and always promising, where partners help each other grow. Flew from a relationship that is always one sided or just for personal interest rather than both.
13. Fear of God: The fear of god is the beginning of wisdom, when a relationship is based on the foundation of belief, it shows great signs of a good relationship, this is something you should hunger and learn from. When you fear god, it is easier to live a smoother, holy, moral and righteous life.
14. Forgiveness: Love forgives, a relationship that is not based on forgiveness is an empty relationship. Forgiveness covers all sins, forgiveness is love. If you do not know how to forgive and totally forget about issues you may find it difficult to have a peaceful relationship.
15. Faithfulness: Another thing that destroys so many relationships is unfaithfulness, you may want to know how faithful a partner is in a relationship. However, testing or trying to know the level of faithfulness of your partner also shows lack of trust.
16. Happiness: The first objective why you are in a relationship is because you want to be loved by someone who loves you, the ultimate reason for this is happiness. Finding your own happiness in a relationship should come first, then other things can follow.

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