How To Stop Being Available In a Relationship

Creating time for relationships is good but being too available could become boring, make a relationship boring and create less value, you need to stop being available if you think you are too available.


When you observe your Being available isn't  productive. Stop being available.

It is true that relationships need time, in fact a lot of time is needed to make a relationship strong and survive. On the other hand, giving so much attention to a relationship could cause more damage than good you think it will provide.


Trying to protect a relationship by spending more time with your partner may not be the best way to safeguard a relationship. But unfortunately it could be that your partner may not like to be given too much attention as you feel it is good.


Being too available in a relationship isn’t a crime, it is a way to show how much you truly, feel, love, care and wish to be around that person who claims to love us.


But sometimes things do not seem to always work the way we plan, or think it should be, as our partner may feel a bit sophisticated, shocking, less privacy with us.


This may look like your partner isn’t so much in love with you as you do, but that is not the case.


Being too available could mean different things, such as giving too much attention, protection, anxious, too responsive, close, free. 

Being available in a relationship means feeling no remorse to ignore your partner’s call, you just want to be there for him/her at all times. This is bad and can make a relationship less important because you are too available.


Anxious: To always want to be around someone you love could be as a result of anxiety. Being eager and craving to always be around a person will never let you say no even when you saying yes will hurt you. 

Being anxious could be as a result of anxiety which is a mental disorderliness, the inability to control one’s emotion. Getting over being anxious can be the solution.


Nervous: Being nervous can also be as a result of anxiousness, when you feel sensitive, afraid and worried about what might happen to a person. This could make you want to be around your partner. Helpguide stated the solution to the solvable and the unsolvable part to being worried.


Jealousy: Many people have with their ignorance killed their relationship because they do not know they are a jealous person. Jealousy can make a person become always available in a relationship. To stop being available could be that you may need to put an end to jealousy as being jealous can result in temperament. You could also learn how to handle a jealous partner.


Talk sense: Sometimes people act because they lack knowledge of what the implication may be. It might be that they do not know the effect of what they are doing by avoiding you or not appreciating how you feel by being too available, call his/her attention and let them know it is love and not jealousy.


Have a rethink: Though it is not advisable to double date, the bitter truth is that you should not be in a relationship where you and your partner do not feel almost the same way. When you feel you need someone who can give you the attention you deserve, it is better you move on and find a new relationship instead of letting someone steal away your happiness.

To stop being too available in a relationship


The simple trick to stop being available to your partner is done by whiling away time, past time, getting occupied, busy, meeting with other people, having fun.

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