How To Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You And Start a Relationship

The problem about crushing on someone we love is to make them notice we have feelings for them and make them grow feelings for us as well.

The right way to make crush fall in love with you

Life is twisted, tricky and corny, sometimes it places to our favour and then against us. Sometimes we fall in love with someone who is not in love with us, while some other people we do not love crush on us, other times, we crush on someone who loves us as much as we do and even more.
Love is great when we are in love with someone and that people love us more in return. This creates a good atmosphere in a relationship, but when we love someone and that person we claim to love does not love us so much as we do, or neither do they feel for us at all, it could cause an emotional trauma.
But most times things do not naturally work the way we think, since your crush does not know your intention or how you feel about them, you have to make them understand how much you love them.

1. Be a good listener: Give your crush a listening ear, pay attention to what they say, how they talk, when they are silent. Flow with them and make them notice you are giving them listening attention. This will call your crush to attention as time passes by and could be a way to make your crush crush back on you.
2. Have a few conversations: You can not say you love someone and admire them from afar, you have to at least speak to them, have a bit of warm conversation, frequently. Like greetings, and asking about each other’s warfare, this could gradually create a bound between you and your crush and can easily speed up a good relationship.

3. Be simple: When you are free with yourself, people will be free to talk to you. Your intention with that of your crush could be the same, but the level at which you make things simply determine how successfully you connect with your crush.

4. Acknowledgement: Saying thank you, well done and more could be a great way to get alone with your crush. People love to be acknowledged, your crush can easily be enticed with your compliments.

5. Respect: Of course you have to respect whomever you have a crush on, be it a male or a female, young or old, you have to respect them for who they are because they have something valuable you desire to have.
6. Teasing: Remember this adage “ he who wants to catch a monkey must surely act like one” playing around and being jovial is a good way to catch attention. Some people may look hard to get but deep inside, they are a very simple person you can get along with.
7. Use a psychological approach: Do this to take control of their mind, this will enable you to read his/her mind to know if feelings have grown, or might have fallen in love with you. 

Psycnet stated about reading people’s minds from emotion. You do not have to be a psychologist before you can read people’s minds.


These tricks can lead embarrassment if not done out of anxiety, to make this trick work effectively. You need a lot of patience as it takes a gradual process to make your crush fall in love with you, it must be done with a mature mind, confidence, zero aggression, sensitivity, with a mind of possibilities, and not with assumption.

Share you Thoughts: I know this is hard, but it is important to tell someone how you feel if they are not paying so much attention to you. There is not wrong in doing this to someone you crush on. They may have the same feeling but may not be able to say it.

How to make your male crush fall in love with you

It is quite easy, walk up to your crush and tell him how you feel, do not say you love him if you are a lady, just share your feelings and let him decide and ask you for a date politely.

How to make your female crush fall in love with you

For a man the trick is simple, meet with your crush politely, study her mood, tell her things that could put a smile on her face, appreciate her beauty and uniqueness, let him be flattered by your words then tell her how you feel and how much you love her. Be patient and wait as long as you can for her response. If you feel she is not comfortable, give her some space and time to think about it.
How to make your crush fall in love with you
Some other ways to make your crush fall in love with you is to know how to attract, create an impression, know his/her Likes and dislikes, and be honest in your dealings.

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