14 Ways To Get Your Relationship Back To The Way It Was In The Beginning

Get Your Relationship Back:

Having it in mind to get your relationship back to the way it was at the start is a good way of getting your relationship back on track. But without knowledge of the cause of the break down, it won’t be easy to get it back.

The right time to get your relationship back is now.

The start of a new relationship is always meaningful and promising. Everything looks great as anticipated. In a relationship journey, you cannot predict what might happen next, so, you have to be prepared to face it; yet, most lovers can be so carried away by neglecting the challenges until the relationship crumbles.

One thing about relationships break down is that, it is easier to make mistakes in a relationship that will make it fall sideways, but hard to get a relationship back to the way it was in the beginning.

1. Fight Against Negligence: Another thing that could lead a relationship to lose its taste and value is negligence – the act of not feeling concerned or remorsed of the harm a behaviour can cause.

When you do not feel concerned about your partner’s well being or your partner does not feel concerned about yours, then there will be issues. Counting things as less important, in a relationship, might not get your relationship back to the way it was.

Figure out what was the problem in the first place, and why did the fire that was burning drastically suddenly quench. After that, gradually fix back the relationship to how it was in the beginning.

2. The old way: Start with the old ways. Many people in relationships forget that the foundation of a relationship is important in keeping the relationship alive. The origin of a relationship should always be kept new and always refreshed from time to time. Because, as your relationship age, so also, the value could either depreciate or appreciate depending on how you can incorporate everything you have done at the start of the relationship to every segment of the relationship journey.
3. Observation: As marriage is an institution of a life-time between a man and a woman, so also, relationship is a school that guides you through the relationship journey. Many people do not observe their relationship. Know what keeps a relationship lively and what kills it. This is one of the reason among other reasons why relationship fails repeatedly. You need to study your relationship.
4. Better communication: Another way to get your relationship back to the way it was is to give more time to communication. Communication is key to a successful relationship; but communication again could be another factor that can kill a relationship, especially when talking about irrelevant things that might not help. You can pick ‘some sensitive things to talk about in a new relationship’ to help get your relationship back to where it was in the beginning.
5. Security: Your relationship might be too exposed and vulnerable to attacks by people outside of your relationship. A relationship not well shielded will always end up in break-up. There are so many people out there who are flirts – all they look for are loop-holes in a relationship; they get any weak partner off the track by seducing and attracting with things they consider to be your or your partner’s weakness.
6. Seek attention: Your partner may not be getting the attention he/she needs. There could be someone out there giving them what you fail to offer due to ignorance or incapability. This is why you need to always call your partners attention back and explain things to them so they can understand better.
7. More attraction: Ever thought of something that got your lover’s attention at the start of your relationship? Well, one of the basic things that draw a man to a woman is what they see – which is attraction; on the other hand, what attracts women to men is mostly what they hear. Go back to being romantic and get your relationship back to how it was in the beginning.
8. Go for a date: Have you thought of taking your spouse out? Asking your spouse for a date just exactly the way you did at the beginning of your relationship could bring your relationship back to the way it previously was. Taking your spouse on a date once in a while is not a crime, but not doing so at all is one thing that could harm a relationship.
9. Intimacy level: How close are you to your spouse at the start of your relationship, and how distanced are you at this point? This will determine the level of intimacy between you and your lover. Get more closer, be best friends, and more of official lovers in the relationship. Play, joke, have fun, and never discriminate.
10. No perfection: Reason why many relationships fail is because most people look for a perfect relationship. Yet, there is nothing like being perfect in a relationship. Every relationship has its flaws, the same way yours have. To bring back your relationship to how it was is to negate the mindset of perfection in a relationship.
11. Submissiveness: Being submissive as a woman could bring a relationship back to where it was in the beginning. There are many ladies out there who find it hard to be controlled by a man. Being controlled does not mean you are a fool or you are inferior in a relationship. It does not mean you are a slave to your man but it’s a sign of respect to a man. Pride won’t let a relationship grow, instead, it reduces the level of intimacy.
12. Create privacy: In dating, having a close relationship could be harmful; in marriage, having some privacy could be a way to shield a relationship and even make it get better. Among other things that depreciates relationship values, seeing too often could also depreciate values in a relationship. To get your relationship back to the way it was, you might need to create some privacy.
13. Miss yourself: When there is no feeling between two lovers in a broken relationship, it will be very difficult to get a relationship back on track. Both partners must have something they miss about each other, which they actually want back. The zeal to get back that feeling is a way to get a relationship back to its feet.
14. Be best friends: If you were not best friends before your relationship took a different turn, it is important that you both become best of friends, so as to create more intimacy and build a sort of a bond.

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