7 Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Gotten Married in Your 30s

Getting married is a thing of choice both for a man and a woman, even though it is ordained by God. Yet, the chances of getting married is very slim for a woman who never agrees she has a problem even when it is crystal clear to the eye.

A man’s intentions are made known only when they are actually ready to marry.

It is important to recognize some of the basic reasons why you haven’t gotten married in your 30s and figure it out before chances of getting married become even slimmer.

Though, there is always a chance to get married, and no one is too old to get married if they eventually meet with their soul-mate.
Getting married at a young age is good; also getting married at an old age isn’t a crime or a disease. What is most important is getting married to the right partner who will love you unconditionally.
So many young people who rush into marriage at an early age end up in divorce because they do not understand what marriage entails. Many people do not know that marriage is an institution where you will learn and never stop learning for the rest of your life.
So if you do not pass the exam while in courtship, you may never find it easy to succeed in the marriage institution. But does that mean you should take your whole time studying your man or woman before marriage even as you age, or does it mean getting married as early as in your 20s isn’t right?
Getting married at early or late 30s isn’t a crime, only if you know what you are doing, and understand the lessons being learnt while dating or in courtship while understanding the relationship journey.

There are different things men do not like in a woman when looking for a good woman to marry. You might think they aren’t observing but they are. A man’s intentions are made known only when they are actually ready to marry.

1. Understand the problem: Women will keep getting married in their 30s if they do not first figure out there is a problem somewhere. To solve a problem is to first of all realise and then identify the problem. Without this, the possibilities of getting a problem fixed is near impossible.
2. Temperament: The first on the list of the reasons why many women do not get married early enough is, because they are mostly temperamental in nature. Temperaments can be controlled only if you give in yourself to realise that you are one of the temperamental kind. 

One strange thing about temperamental people is that they always believe and fight to the end that they aren’t temperamental, even when it is visible and clear to notice.
3. Jealousy: Just like being temperamental, another reason why getting married in your 30s is rampant is as a result of jealousy. Many women have lost their true lovers to someone else because of their jealous nature. You may find out that you are the jealous type and wish to make a change. The good news is that, jealousy can be controlled, and it is important to fix this issue as early as possible.
4. Pride: You must have once heard the saying, ‘pride comes before a fall’. A proud woman will always find it difficult to get married. And if she does get married by chance, the tendency of a happy marriage isn’t assured. No man wants to marry a woman who is full of pride. A proud woman will be in some way arrogant and disrespectful to a man; and no man will ever want that.
5. Perfection: You took your time looking for a perfect man and also hoping for a perfect marriage with no flaws. This is one very big mistake women should never make. Looking for perfection in a relationship is not possible; so also in a marriage.
Take a quick check on yourself and see if you have no flaws or mistakes – I doubt if you don’t. If you do make mistakes then expect more errors from your man and even more when you get married.
6. Attraction: There are too many ways to create attention; and there is a difference between a man who you have to make an impression in order to attract and another man who gets attracted to you without you creating an impression.
It is good to do things that attract a man but better when a man naturally gets attracted to you without you doing anything about it. This kind of connection lasts long enough.
Most ladies lose their boyfriends because they are busy trying to impress a man with their beauty; but what they fail to understand is that – men who get attracted to a woman by what they see, will leave when they have seen enough (This isn’t love but lust).
7. Industrious: No man in this modern generation will like to marry a liability as a wife. A woman should learn a skill, have a job, and also be very productive, as she helps in supporting the relationship to make it survive.

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