14 Ways To Plan Ahead of Financial Issues In Marriage

Resolving Money Issue In Marriage:

Financial responsibilities cannot be taken away from relationships, as money issues are one of the major problems in marriage leading to financial crises. However, making good plans ahead could get couples out of being broke in marriage.

Financial responsibilities cannot be taken away from relationships

The responsibility of financial crisis in marriage lies in the hands of the man; both on how hard-working he is, how he manages his earning and most importantly the kind of woman he gets married to.
The best way to approach financial issues in marriage is to take time during courtship and also have a partner who understands most things about you, while you gradually build trust by being open to each other.

 Plan ahead of Marriage

1. How prepared are you: When planning for marriage, planning ahead in case you become financially broke can greatly help shield relationships in marriage. Being prepared for what might come ahead, after marriage, is a challenge no one can predict accurately.
But still, we might have seen so many marriage experiences and challenges; somehow, our marriage might face fewer or more of these challenges, so, we have to be very prepared as couples.
2. Get a job: Couples do not need to be told that getting a job is necessary when planning ahead of money issues in marriage. You have to get a job to hold your family. And when getting a job, do not think of getting a job that can carry your responsibilities only but for both you and your spouse.
3. Your income matters: To put a limit to money issues in marriage is to weigh your income. Getting a job is good but getting a job with good income is better.
As a man, you have to get a job that can feed and take good care of your family; and also a woman must do the same as well so as to be a supporter if anything goes wrong with the husband’s job.
4. Freedom with partner: To plan ahead of ‘money issues’ in marriage is to have a good partner who is full of understanding and also free to understand you. However, before you can make a person understand the kind of person you are, you have to show them the real you by building a sort of trust so as to make them understand when you are financially buoyant and when you are financially broke. These two periods are good signs of trust from your partner and it helps them to know how to stand with you when ‘money issues’ come up in marriage.
5. Capability: Let your partner know your worth and what you are capable of. Having a relationship where your partner does not know your capabilities could be a problem when money issues arise. However, a man should also learn to be reserved. Just as time stated about the surprising benefit of being introvert.
6. Responsible: Before you engage yourself in marriage, you should ask yourself these very questions: Am I ready to take the responsibilities? Can I really carry out these responsibilities and more? If you know you cannot carry the responsibilities of a man in marriage, then it is advisable to not get yourself into trouble in a financial crisis in marriage.
7. A man or Boy: Though, age is not a barrier in marriage, as a young guy can get married to a lady who is older than him. But the question a man should ask himself is – how matured am I to handle my relationship? A lady who is about getting married to a guy should also ask herself – is my guy man enough to handle me?
Handling a marriage is not about how old you are but how matured you are. Maturity comes with experience and exposure. As a woman, do not make the mistake of going into marriage with a boy who is not matured enough to be a man. Your husband should be well experienced to know how to deal with financial issues in marriage when such arises.
8. Still dependent: Being dependent can get you into serious trouble in marriage as a man or woman. Couples who depend so much on each other and even go as far as depending on people outside of the relationship might not have the capacity to deal with money issues in a relationship rightly.
9. Who are your friends: Before you venture into marriage, know the kind of friends you keep. Keeping a good friend has its reward; so also keeping the bad ones. When a money crisis happens in marriage and you do not have a solution to it, only the good friends will stay to help but the bad ones fall behind to gossip.
10. Have a vision: Getting married is good, but having a vision of where and how you want your marriage to be could help solve the problems ‘money issues’ bring in a marriage. For instance, having a partner who has the same or similar vision with you will help to reason along and to understand the causes and the possible solutions to take in order to get out of financial crisis in marriage.
11. Comparing: Comparing yourself with other people won’t help solve ‘money issues’ in marriage. You are not them and they are not you; both partners should understand this. People comparing themselves with others can make a marriage collapse easily.
This is mostly common in some women, as they always feel that their marriage should be equal and successful as other marriages they see outside. The irony of this is, most marriages that showcase successes aren’t that successful; they only keep their problems underneath the shelf.
12. Side Hustle: To plan ahead of financial crises in marriage, couples need not to depend so much on their jobs and income alone. Inside, they should try as much as possible to find a side hustle they can add up to their income so as to help in times of ‘money issues’. Starting a freelance job where you work from home could be a sort of help to overcome money issues in marriage.
13. Limit spending: It is good to spend on your spouse while courting but it is better to limit spending when planning for marriage or in marriage. Dating, courting and marriage are all relationships but different stages. The more a relationship advances from dating to courting then marriage, the more you should limit spending so as to avert financial crises in marriage.
14. Lavish wedding: Many of us have heard of couples who had a happy wedding yet a sad marriage as they lack the financial capability to carry on with the marriage. This has led so many couples to divorce. It is good to have a good wedding but better to have a lasting marriage. For this to happen, you have to spend less on weddings so as to be able to meet up with financial needs in marriage. 

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