20 Ways To Manage Marriage In Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship: 

What an ache! Having a mindset to spend a life time together, as husband and wife, but here we are in our different ways spending life separately in long distance marriage. This is not what you planned for, right?

We may be far apart; but deep inside our heart is near. Distance can never break our relationship.

Long distance marriage can be managed and as well protected. As long as the love between couples in a relationship is not distanced. A distance relationship can be built to last.
It really sucks atimes when couples feel lonely in a relationship. Though, loneliness alone is not the effect of a long distance relationship in marriage, but still carries an overall weight to determining strength of a marriage.
Among other things, trust issues, lack of compassion, unfaithfulness, boredom and more can make long distance marriage frustrating.
When we have good plans in marriage, sometimes it works, sometimes it gets jeopardized by long distance marriage.
Long distance marriage is not healthy for a relationship. However, there is a logic to make long distance relationships successful before couples eventually work it out to meet.
This could be as a form of routine. It can be something couples should try either everyday, weekly or monthly. However, giving the process a wider space could give room for other relating topics.

Frequent Communication

If you cannot see often, you could create room to communicate more often.
1. Frequent Calling: This is naturally something we cannot do away with in life, especially when trying to reach out to our loved ones. Calling your spouse is good but making it frequent is better, in order to keep a long distance marriage alive.
2. Chatting: Since we are in the internet era, do not take having a smart-phone as a big deal. Rather, try to have one and chat with your partner. Your marriage should be more important to you than an excuse for not having a smart-phone to chat with your spouse. Chat many times; chat all the time if possible.
3. Video call: While chatting, try as much as possible to be able to do video calls with your spouse to see how healthy they are. If you cannot see each other because of long distance, then you can easily do much better with a video chat. This could help long distance relationships. Use either SnapchatWechat, WhatsApp call, Imo or any other video chat app that is convenient for you and your partner

Consistent Engagement

Find a thing that can easily engage you and your partner; calling you both into attention.
4. Reading and revise: Though not everyone loves reading, giving new things a try in a long distance relationship could help shield marriage. Couples should consistently agree on a book to read and discuss at their leisure time.
5. Video gaming: Not everyone loves gaming, but there are couples who love to game. Playing ‘multiple players’ video games on mobile phones as couples could help save a long distance marriage. If you are not used to these things, you can learn.
6. Seeing movies: Couples in long distance relationships could easily pick up movies to watch. After watching, they can both discuss the things learnt from the movies and as well gain more knowledge about life.

Discuss General Topics

Pick up general topics that your mind could reach and discuss as couples. This could as well help a long distance marriage.
7. Talk about livelihood: Though you might have had this kind of conversation during courtship, there are other things you may not know about each other as couples. Talking about livelihood, how you grew up with friends, the bad guys and the good guys, the bad side and the good side, should be some options.
8. Plan ahead: Couples might be far apart but that does not mean you should not plan ahead together as couples. Plan ahead of time, talk about things that are yet to be fixed in your marriage, and how you can fix them when you eventually see. Talk about the difficult and how to solve them.
9. Be romantic: Talk about how you first met and other memories. Talk about your preparations for your spouse when you eventually get to meet. Talk about the special places you would like to visit to spend some time together. This could greatly help a long distance marriage.
10. Make wishes: In your everyday talk, try as much as possible to make a wish at the end of every conversation. You can make those wishes at night before you go to bed. This will always keep the connection stronger as you will always keep remembering those special talks.
11. Task: Give yourself a task to complete everyday; this will make the relationship lively and also enhance a long distance relationship as well.
12. Reach out to family and friends: Because you are far away does not mean you should not communicate with family and friends. Having a strong connection with relatives helps a long distance marriage gain its stand.

Positive Thought 

Positive thought promotes good mindset in a long distance relationship. Try as much as possible to engage your partner with positive things. At some point, doubt could come into your mind or the mind of your lover; it is important to clear off these mindsets with positive words.
13. Share events. Do a screenshot or videos of the events you had. Talk about it and if possible discuss how to make the next event more meaningful. These events could be about church, mosque, parties, shows and others.
14. Work talk: Carry your partner along about what is happening at your place of work. It does not matter if you are self employed or doing a white collar job, take time to talk about the happenings.
15. Religious talk: Take about your religion, pray together, read the spiritual books together, give yourself time to fast and share the word of God together. This alone can make a long distance relationship stand its ground.
16. Words of encouragement: The truth is that there will be issues in a long distance marriage. Handling trust issues could be very hard because you are not seeing each other. It is natural to argue, but better to disagree then agree.
17. Saying sorry: This is important to keep a long distance marriage alive. Do not be proud to say sorry even when you are right or wrong. Do not let an issue get out of hand before you apologize to each other.

18. Advice/Patience: Patience is the key to a successful relationship which also applies to long distance marriage. You have to learn how to be patient enough so as not to cause more problems in your marriage.
19. Gist and gossip: As couples, especially those in a long distance relationship, gossip should be your hobby. Smiles. Yes, it is important to gist and gossip about some things, laugh about them, and make fun of it. This could as well create more bonds to a distant relationship.
20. Never give up: All these tips, ways or processes are not that easy to accomplish in a long distance relationship; but to make your marriage survive long distance, you have to do all and never give up on yourselves, no matter what it will take. You started your marriage together, learned to make your marriage work together as husband and wife.

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