7 Reasons Why Privacy In Marriage Is Important Than Keeping Secrets

The right to privacy between husband and wife:

The right to privacy between husband and wife has long become a common problem in marriage, before thinking of invasion of privacy in marriage there are some important things to be addressed properly so as to avoid keeping secrets in a relationship.

if you force your partner out of their private life, does that not promote secrecy in a relationship?

You can always keep your privacy in marriage, but keeping secrets does not make a relationship healthy. Have it in mind that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. The right to privacy, as husband and wife, can result in keeping secrets.

When it comes to privacy in marriage, where should we draw the line while trying to prevent issues as husband and wife? The right to privacy in a relationship depends strongly on the couple’s understanding about the importance of privacy.

One simple fact and truth about privacy in marriage is that, keeping things away from each other could help give a relationship a better meaning and make it healthy, because knowing everything about ourselves as husband and wife does not give a marriage a reason to last.
On the other hand, invasion of privacy in relationships can become a disaster in marriage, as it could promote a secret lifestyle between husband and wife.
One thing you will not like to do to cause problems in marriage is to tell a person who is used to privacy to stop. It is possible but it could lead to a serious problem in marriage.

Before You Think About Invasion Of Privacy In Marriage

When issues of privacy in marriage arise, you should always have a second thought about your partner’s well being before yours; and as well find a way to balance your needs.
Think of it this way: if you force your partner out of their private life, does that not promote secrecy in a relationship? While having the mindset to satisfy yourself by making their private life an issue, you push them into making some things open while keeping the necessary things secret.
1. Used to privacy: Is your spouse used to a private life? This can be determined at the initial stage of a relationship. This is where most couples make the mistakes, as they fail to take their time to know their partner while courting. Your partner’s personal life should be part of you. It may not be so important while dating, but should be important while in courtship as you advance the relationship into marriage.
2. Can you be totally open?: Being open-minded is good in marriage and makes relationships healthy. However, the question of being totally open in a relationship remains a thing that most couples cannot guarantee.
In life, there are some things we keep private to ourselves, which sometimes become a secret in the long run. These things we keep to ourselves in one way or the other become part of our life that we do not wish to share with others; sometimes even with our spouse.
We might think we cannot ever keep things from our partner not until some issues arise then we will realise the importance of having some sort of privacy in our lives.
Keeping things to yourself and not willing to share some personal information with others is a sign of living a private life. Privacy can go as far as becoming a secret, as long as it keeps piling up. However, having a private life is not wrong but making such privacy become a secret is.
3. Individual differences: Do you think your partner can do the same? Just because you think you can do without privacy does not mean every one can. It is true that you are married to each other, but that does not mean you are the same.
Privacy cannot be easily taken away from some people who are addicted to such lifestyle, and in some way you cannot blame them for this kind of lifestyle; especially people who have lived most of their lives indoors due to up-bringing. It will be a very difficult task to change such a person’s personality or lifestyle as many of them feel there is nothing wrong with it.
4. Do away with privacy: Can you do without privacy? This question is subjective, as it does have to do with individual way of life rather than a general agreement. That you can do without privacy does not mean your spouse can do the same in marriage.

Before Indulging Into Privacy In Marriage

From the above explanation about invasion of privacy in marriage, we may deduce that the right to privacy, as husband and wife, can be manually accomplished if both parties reason together to have the right to privacy but not to secrecy.
5. Have a good reason: Before you think of having a private life as a husband/wife, you should and must have a good reason for it. Remember, a healthy relationship is not only after your own interest, but the interest of both of you.
6. Respect each other’s opinion: If your spouse does not like you being private, then you should find a way to amend it. By doing this, you are giving your spouse the respect he/she deserves.
7. Build trust: Before you think about privacy in marriage, it is important to first build trust among yourselves. A relationship where there is no trust, privacy cannot stand. To overcome trust issues in relationships, you need some effort and personal sacrifice.

Why Right To Privacy Between Husband And Wife Is Important

8. Independent: The right to privacy between husband and wife could create room for independence, where husband and wife are independent of each other. This does not promote separation in marriage but creates a form of non-reliance between husband and wife.
9. Avoid secrecy: A private life may be the best way to avoid secrecy in marriage. When your spouse is used to privacy, do not force them if you cannot gradually change them. A person living a private lifestyle does not mean he or she will cheat in a relationship or keep it a secret, unless you push them to.
10. Prevent argument: There are some things that have to be private so as to avoid argument. These things might be revealed later but for that period of time, they need to be unknown. However, we may say, “why are we married if we keep private to ourselves”? But isn’t it better to keep private than to keep a secret?.
11. Surprise: Sometimes, privacy in relationships is fun, as they work behind your back to give you a sort of surprise. Some people do not know how to give surprises but they can do better in private.
12. Thinking: Some people do not want to be disturbed as they love to be alone and have a private time to think. Sometimes, people can think for a short period of time and other times for a long period of time; just to find solutions to things that are bothering them.
13. Freedom: At times, getting too close to people can bring more trouble than peace; and also, everyone should be entitled to their own freedom in marriage. You should always have your own private time in life.
14. Respect: Privacy in relationship commands respect. When people get too intimate with little or no privacy, then there could be a serious problem in marriage. Here is why it is important to give respect in relationships.
15. Value: There is a slang called ‘see finish’. This happens when your partner knows everything about you. When both your strength and weaknesses are revealed at this point, there could be no value left as you have completely exposed yourself.
The value in marriage between husband and wife is self-worth. When you are totally open as a man, it could become a disaster upon you. That does not mean you should hide things or keep secrets from your woman, but it means giving each other some fresh air and never choking yourselves.
16. Trust issues: To avoid dying young, give room for privacy; because the more you know, the more you suffer; the more you understand, the more you get hurt. Trying to know everything your spouse does in the marriage could bring trouble to you as you get yourself into trust issues. Among other ways to overcome trust issues, the best thing to do is to overlook some things.
17. Worries: While your partner is busy enjoying their life, you are there worried just because you intruded into their privacy. It is true that marriage joins a man and woman as husband and wife, but it does not include intruding into each other’s privacy. Everyone has his/her own life to live. And so far their privacy does not affect you, you do not need to bother.

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