14 Quality Values a Man Can Offer In a Relationship

What Men Can Offer In a Relationship:

Qualities of a good man in a relationship can differ from one woman to another, depending on what your taste and wants are. However, what you should look for in a guy when dating for marriage should be generalized to this quality list.

The same man that indulge you in immorality  his also watching out for quality good women to  marry.

As humans have different characters and attitudes, it could be hard to spot a good man from others. But to have a fruitful relationship and as well turn a man you are dating into a husband needs very careful handling.
Though, it is said that men are scarce as the population of women is more than men according to statista, the far more worse situation is that good men are even harder to find as most men have lost their prestige while in pursuit of material things. Having fun than becoming responsible men.
This is as a result of men trying to impress ladies who are not willing or ready for marriage but spending their precious time in having fun and chasing after material things. At the end, everyone, both men and women, find themselves running in a cycle after wasting precious years they should have used to find a good partner to settle down with.
One thing ladies fail to understand is that, these very men who indulge ladies in doing the wrong things and also make them partake in immoral activities while in pursuit of material things are actually watching out for quality good women to marry, and at the end abandoning the worldly ones. No man will like to marry a liability.
Perhaps, this could be the right time to take a positive turn in life and find a good man to settle down with. You cannot eat your cake and still have it. Time is ticking; every single day you age.
Your relationship should not be all about sex, flirting, and after material things while wasting your time and later ending up with a man that could eventually be your worse possible nightmare. This is why it is important to understand the reasons for wife battering in marriage.
Marriage is not by force, but in some ways and at some point in life, you need a man in your life, who you can spend the rest of your life with. A way to start is to know the qualities of a good man in a relationship. Here is what you should look for in a guy when dating.
1. Future Planner: Among other qualities, a good man in a relationship should have a future plan, not only for himself but for you and his family. A good man who is serious about his relationship should always put his family first, over every other thing. He should always and constantly prepare himself towards marriage and not just dating.
2. Hope: A man who gives a lady hope of a better future, has his woman at heart. When a man is filled with hope, it gives a woman the mindset of support.
3. Encouragement: Another quality you should look for in a guy when dating is to know how much he can encourage you even at your worst. A good man encourages a woman to do better not yelling at her.
4. Smart: A good man in a relationship should be as smart as possible. A smart man can easily handle situations that could either affect you, him or the relationship in general. You should always be proud of your man if he is smart enough.
5. Inspire: You should not just be in a relationship for fun. A man that cannot inspire you to do much better may not be the best to marry. Have a man who can challenge you to do more and be better.
6. Security: A successful relationship has much to do with how partners handle their love affair, which security is one of the major qualities in a relationship. The man has more to do in securing a relationship. When a woman feels protected enough, she cannot easily fail the relationship by being unfaithful.
7. Confidence: To shield a relationship needs building confidence in a man. A man who shivers may not be able to handle situations in a relationship, and may not even be able to handle you as a woman.
8. Support: When dating, and wishing your relationship ends in a successful marriage, it is important to look for a man who is supportive in all ways. Do not engage yourself with a man who cannot support you at what you do.
9. Growth: There are stages in a relationship. As your relationship ages, you should as well experience growth. You should feel a sort of development in your mentality, social life, emotions, and even finance. If you aren’t experiencing positive growth in any way, then, you need to tell him to adjust and if he does not, then you should consider moving on.
10. Honesty: An honest guy is actually hard to find. It is more like looking for a faithful man in a relationship. However, it is important to take note of how honest your man is in your relationship, when planning towards marriage.
11. Loyalty/respect: A man who shows a sign of respect in a relationship will always remain loyal to you. Date a man who is not proud or arrogant and enjoy a blissful relationship.
12. Trust: A good man should be a man you can trust in a relationship. Finding yourself in a long or close relationship, it is important to find a man you can put your trust on.
13. Versatile: Date a man who is versatile and be prepared to gain and gather a lot of positive experiences in your relationship. In such a relationship, a versatile guy will always do so many wondrous things to make things work out in terms of financial needs, creativity, support, and many more.
14. Maturity: Maturity does not necessarily mean being older or being of age, but more of how experienced, composed, and well exposed you are. Age is just a number and does not literally have much to do with maturity.

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