4 Easy Ways Temporarily Distance Relationship Can Turn To A Permanent Love Affair

 Turning Relationship Temporarily To Permanent Love Affair

Keeping a beautiful relationship is a journey from me to we. It is not an easy task, most especially in a long distance relationship. It is very important to always keep reminding your lover that the distance is temporary, while the love shared is permanent.

The beauty of a distance  relationship is when love becomes permanent  between two people.

As lovers, it is important to understand that distance is temporary, but love is permanent. A beautiful relationship is a journey that starts and ends from me to we.
It is naturally not easy to keep a long distance relationship, talk more of turning such a love affair into a permanent one. Not everyone is patient enough to withstand the odd and bad times in a long distance relationship.
However, the beauty of a distance relationship is when love becomes permanent between two people.
Though, being in a long distance relationship can be frustrating, as many find themselves in it without even planning for it; while others get to meet their loved ones on social media platforms hoping to see each other someday.
Be it long distance relationships on social media, or finding yourselves in a distance relationship you never planned for, the truth is that none of these are easy tasks to accomplish.
Yet, you have to keep it in mind that long distance relationships are temporary, while love is permanent. This is a way to keep a good relationship going.
At first, a long distance relationship can be very charming and lively, but as time passes by without visible communication and interaction such as eye to eye contact, physical touch and more, it ends up being like lovers are locked up in prisons without freedom.
Some even wonder why they are in a long distance relationship when freedom to express feelings are all restricted. The hazard in long distance relationships has made so many beautiful relationships lose their values and eventually  end up in breakup.


What To Keep In Mind As You Try To Keep a Long Distance Relationship Alive

1. Long distance relationships are temporary: Everything that happens to mankind happens for a specific reason, be it good or bad; they all have their impacts on our lives. All that matters is how we tend to handle those situations as they arise.
Long distance in a relationship is temporary. Lovers in a distance relationship must understand that both short distance relationship and long distance relationship do not guarantee success. What does is the level of intimacy between lovers, and how well they can withstand the pressure.
It is important to know that long distance is not forever. Someday you will get to meet each other, if you are patient enough to work things out. Impatience is one reason among other reasons why relationships fail repeatedly.
2. It’s beautiful: Love is beautiful and fun if you give it what it wants, be it long distance or short. How you handle your relationship matters a lot. Knowing the right things to talk about in a relationship, could greatly help protect relationships from break-up.
3. It builds confidence: To build confidence in a relationship is to properly manage a distance relationship. The more you can manage your relationship, the better the confidence you build in your partner to fight against trust issues in relationships if they arise.
4. High possibilities: Give your relationship hope. Remember how we started at the beginning of the article – a beautiful relationship is a journey that only ends from me to we. And also in a distance relationship, it is quite important to know that distance is temporary but love affair is permanent. This is the right spirit to have when trying to keep a distance relationship going.

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