12 Fling Rules Not To Fall For In A Relationship

A fling can also be referred to as casual dating. Have it in mind as fling relationship rules that there is nothing promising or serious about a fling. keep this fling rules in mind, there is nothing intimate or promising but more of passing the moment as friends with benefit; not for long but a short period of time.

Fling relationship rules and fling rules

A fling could mean an engagement made known between two people. And on the other hand could also be a secret mission where one person in a relationship tries to take advantage of another, for a short period of time.

Another definition of a fling is: love affair that is after lust rather than love. Casual relationship also known as a fling is a relationship with benefits – majorly sexual benefits.

A fling could be mainly considered as a relationship with little or no expectation, commitment, but mostly involves romantic but not emotional relationship between a man and a lady.

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A fling is just for a period of time; it’s mostly an awareness created between two people to spend a short time together. A fling is a relationship with benefit.

A relationship where both partners know for certain that there is nothing serious about the relationship, but to spend time together just to pass away time, have fun, and within a short time go their separate ways with the mind of not hurting each other’s feelings.

 Down Side Of A Fling Relationship

Now you have known what a fling is, as it is also referred to as a casual love affair with no promising future. It lasts for a very short period of time where partners run separately and desperately after their own interest and finding happiness in a relationship rather than the interest of each other.

One partner hopes for a promising future in the relationship, while the other sees the relationship as just a time to pass and catch fun while playing on their partner’s emotions. But as soon as you realise that your partner is toying with your emotion, then, you should know that that relationship is heading nowhere.

The issue with casual relationships is that both lovers make agreement or do not make agreement, or know within themselves that the relationship is just for a short period of time.

And sometimes many people who find themselves in a casual relationship, do not plan for it; but with time they get to realise they have taken the wrong route by not taking their time to talk about the sensitive things at the start of a relationship.

You just don’t start a relationship because you are in love; you start a relationship because you are sure of what you love”. Ignoring this fact could easily make you fall into a fling.

It could happen that at some point one of the lovers gets attracted and attached and starts having emotional feelings with the other partner, breaking the rules of a fling. This could result in emotional trauma and mental disorderliness in people.

If you have in some way consciously or unconsciously fallen, find yourself in, or get committed to a fling, it is important to know the basic rules to have in mind, so as not to get lost or carried away before you lose at both ends.


Fling Relationship: Rules On How Not To Fall For One

It might look surprising to find out that there are fling rules for a relationship. Well, we have to provide solutions to those who do not know how to go about flings as they in some way get involved.

1. Don’t hope: A fling is just for a short period of time. Do not hope to have an extra time, or by miracle expect something serious from it. Hoping for marriage from a casual relationship is a ‘No, No’. Do not accept it even if it comes, because the foundation of the relationship is faulty as the mindset isn’t for love but for lust.

2. Don’t expect: Though change is constant but do not expect something meaningful or promising from a fling. If you do, you might get stuck and it could really become a problem to you.

3. Don’t fall: In a relationship like a fling, you should never fall for love, because you are not lovers but only friends with benefit. Do not make the mistake to fall for such.

4. Be smart to leave first: Since you know, “it’s a casual relationship, then be smart not to stay too long. He who leaves first is smart enough to ease the pain of love”.

5. Don’t waste your time: Fling relationships are a waste of time for people who need serious relationships; so do not waste your time if you notice you are in a fling relationship.

6. Actions/word does not count: Don’t be fooled with actions and words when in a relationship that does not look promising. It should be clear to both parties that a casual relationship is just for a short period of time. Your partner may try to lure you to stay put with words and actions; you should not fall for such.

7. Don’t communicate often: Those just realising that their relationship is a fling should stop or reduce communication level; because the more time you spend together communicating, the more feelings grow.

8. Don’t share contact: This isn’t about mobile contact but physical contacts like touching, holding, and most importantly, if you want to win in a fling relationship you have to follow the rules and stay away from sex, if you have in one way or the other involved yourself.

9. Don’t get too attached: Since it is a fling relationship, it is possible that feelings might be attached. Stay away from anything that could cause more attachment and attractiveness to your partner.

10. No future plan: Do not plan a future with someone who does not care or loves you, rather, taking advantage of you. Wasting you time in a fruitless relationship is one thing and planning towards a short term relationship is another. Be smart to follow the rules so you won’t lose at both ends.

11. Be prepared to leave soon: If you are asked, how soon is too soon to leave a fling relationship? Well, the answer to it depends. You might want to leave immediately so far you are sure you have nothing to lose; and you might consider staying a bit more to gain some of what you have lost before leaving. But most importantly, in as much as you know it is a casual relationship, then, you should always have the plan to leave at any time.

12. Keep your problems to yourself: It’s hard to find a person who is willing to help you without getting back; most especially when you find yourself in a fling situation. Such relationships will not help but instead consume and waste more of your precious time.

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